There will be many irritating problems and errors that you face while using Windows OS, and Blue Screen of Death (or BSOD) is one. Typically 0x0000007E, or 0x1000007E, is the exception to the System Thread Stopping Code. They mean that a machine thread created an exception to the error handler. And there are different exceptions.

General feedback is incompatible with the drivers, device incompatibility, memory conflict, IRQ conflict, etc., which does not manage the exemption from the stop code system thread exception not handled. The popular solution is shown below, how to correct an exception to the device thread that has not been treated. But the first thing you need to do is retrieve device crash data.

It is a common mistake in Windows that sometimes happens unexpectedly when something goes wrong on your computer. When you have a blue screen with an error message like system thread exception not handled and stop code, it means that the machine is already shut down and frozen on the BSOD screen. A restart is needed. 

Depending on the configuration of your computer, your Windows PC will reboot itself automatically. It can often patch itself, restart the whole Windows operating system, and usually open Windows, but it does not. The blue screen error is permanently apparent there, or a restart loop is encountered. The loop begins with an error message and stops code on a blue screen. You will then boot your computer, attempt to start your Windows OS, and get the blue screen back.

What Do You Mean About System Thread Exception Not Handled:

A system thread in your machine produces an exception for the error the handler did not capture, indicated by the system_thread_exception_not_handled error. Since the mistake wasn’t detected and corrected, a blue death screen resulted in the computer trying to gather error information. This code also comes with 0x0000007E, 0x1000007E, or, if you are pleased, the name that triggers the error, such as Atikmdag.sys, Nvlddmkm.Sys and ignoring.Sys, etc. The following numbers will follow this code. Sadly, this particular error almost always allows the machine to reboot to break in a safe mode.

What Does Mean File Name Attach To The Error Code:

If you’re fortunate, a file name will appear attached to the error code system thread exception not handled windows 10, indicating which graphical driver causes the issue. You can correct the error entirely if you upgrade or restore this graphic engine. The following are the shared names of the files associated with this BSOD mistake.

  1. Atikmdag.sys 
  3. Nvlddmkm.sys 
  4. Bcmwl63a.sys 
  5. Dxgmms2.sys
  6. Ntfs.sys 

Here How To Fix ‘System Thread Exception Not Handled’ Error In Windows 10

To repair Igdkmd64.sys windows 10, you have to begin with the basics… system thread exception not handled. You first need to fix defective drivers, significantly faulty card drivers. When you see igdkmd64.sys with stop code, the exception system thread is not treated. There is a problem with the driver of Intel Kernel Graphics mode. These defective drivers compete with other drivers and systems. That’s why you must restart and patch your PC. You may also use the Event Viewer to find other drivers who do not control the system thread to execute this in Windows. Here the steps on how to fix the ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10.

Update Driver

  1. Click on Windows + R and type CMD, and then enter.
  2. The prompt to start the command opens, type even here, and enter push.
  3. Tap on the framework to extend Windows Logs.
  4. Click the Source tab and the source tab. The driver triggers the Device Thread Exception Not Treated error exactly.

The driver that causes the problem has been detected, and the driver has been modified. On the other hand, the best driver updates can also be downloaded and allowed to function for you.

Solutions To BSOD

Here is the solution how to fix ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10. Windows 10 has a built-in retrieval and will show you the options you can correct for any startup problem when booting the OS. Many people recommend using a bootable CD or USB for Windows, which allows users to quickly get the same equipment, already fitted with a rehabilitation system. To Windows 10 recovery mode, take the following steps:

  1. Only click the power button to close the PC when you get BSOD and press it repeatedly until it is shut off.
  2. When the Windows logo appears during the boot process, power ON and OFF it abruptly. Repeat 3-4 times before you see different recovery options in windows.
  3. If you have hit the recovery options of Windows 8 or 10, enter Trouble Solving > Advanced Options > Check Prompt.

Run the command as follows:

  1. /offbootdir=c, /offwindir=c:\windows SFC /scannow
  2. They’re going to find some bugs, but they can’t fix anything. Run the command as follows:
  3. Bootmenupolicy legacy credit/set {default}
  4. Now shut down the command prompt and start the computer again.

Boot into Safe Mode on Windows 10:

The first thing you want is to boot into safe mode because this helps you to break the reboot loop you eventually have. As you might not access your settings, we’ll get you to boot into Windows Recovery Environment (winRE) before you go to safe mode.

  1. Keep down at least 10 seconds of your machine power button to turn it off. When completely shut, press again the power button to re-enable the shutter.
  2. Once a Windows symbol (like a logo) is shown, keep the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off again. To turn it back, press the power button.
  3. Repeat the process before you restart your system entirely and join winRE.

Note: You want to select the “Trust Shooting” option from the list to get to secure mode from winRE. Then, pick “Startup Options,” “Advanced Options,” “Reset.” You will be welcomed with a list of choices after you restart your machine. You would like to press F5 for Networking safe mode. 

Final Conclusion

I hope you can avoid this blue death screen (BSoD) occurring again, and we have provided you with some solutions to correct an exception not addressed by the machine thread. If not, comment for further assistance below.


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