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In some cases you’r device will get break or break down. It is an most worst frustrating especially when you are in a busy work you have to complete at the moment.You don’t need to worry when you are a Samsung product.

Samsung is one of the best and most used product in now a days because of its affordable prices and features. Most of the people believe that Samsung is the only product which gives more life then other products.I too refer Samsung products for long life.

Samsung offers most exciting warranty offers.

To Check Warranty For Samsung Products:

Warranty check for Samsung phones:

If you are trying to check warranty for the Samsung phones then follow these steps to check your warranty for Samsung phones.

  • The most basic thing you have to do is firstly go to the home page.
  • After entering to your home page then enter your phone IMEI and check it.
  • Immediately after completing these two steps immediately click on”Warranty via SN” next to the phone data.
  • Finally, you have to enter the 10 characteristics of the serial number which is placed at the label inside the phone, under the battery. After that click Samsung phone details.

Samsung IMEI check

When you don’t know your IMEI number and you need it urgently. don’t bet get frustrated at that moments just dial *#06#, Then your number IMEI is going to display.

To Register Your Product Online:

  • Firstly you have to register for a free, to register your product.
  • When you register it is easy to access all your product registrations after you are logging into the account.
  • You can register your product online by entering to the Register your Samsung product page, and clicking the create account link.
  • After completing these steps you will get a display of form in that form you have to fill all your personal details and after logging into the Samsung account click the “Register a product button”.
  • Finally, select the type of the device and product line after that type your serial number and purchase date when you are purchased your device. and click on submit option to complete your registration process.

Terms And Conditions Of The Warranty:

  • When the warranty is confirmed to the first purchase of the product only is not responsible.
  • The repairs which you get under warranty will be authorized by the company personnel only.
  • In case of any damage to your product when the warranty period has been expired then the company is not responsible for those repairs.
  • For those periods company is offering you Extend warranty plan. This will be applied immediately when your warranty has expired.It consists of has each and everything which consists of a warranty plan. To apply for an Extend warranty plan to get relax from the repairs which will come after the warranty plan expires.

Warranty Is Not Applicable For Some Cases:

  • When you won’t purchase the product from our authorized Samsung dealer. In that case, the warranty is not applied.
  • If you’re seriously want to claim your warranty, please click on the above link to get your warranty…

what is Knox Samsung AND Knox Warranty Bit?

It is known as a security feature which detects the un official software which is installed in you’r phone. Which prevents from malicious attempts from accessing you’r data.

Knox warranty bits detects only when the non-Knox kernel has been loaded on your device. It is just a one time programmable bit refuse. Which can only be turned from 0X0 to 0X1? It does not have any longer guarantee for the security of the Knox container.

When The Knox Bit Has A Tripped:

  • You cannot create a no longer work space on such devices.
  • In you’r existing work space you can no longer retrieved data encrypted and storage.
  • The Samsung which uses knox security will stop working like samsung pay,secure folder.

Do you want to check whether the warranty bit is tripped, I’ll help you to follow just follow these steps:

  • In you’r first step just power off you’r device.
  • Then immediately press the volume down home and power button.
  • When you found a warning screen is displayed then press the volume up button.
  • Then the warranty bit status is displayed at the upper left hand corner.

At the time you found the warranty bit is tripped and the device displays Knox warranty void: 0x01. In that case warranty bit and knox does not work at you’r device.

In those cases there is no alternative to get the revert warranty bit. the only way is to get the device back to its original settings is to replace PBA on the device. and most importantly hardware replacement will be required.

Warranty Is Not Applicable For The Following Issues:

  • When the product is not purchased from any authorized Samsung sales dealer.
  • When you won’t purchase the product according to the instructions given in the Instruction Manual.
  • Defects occur because of an improper use, Which was determined by the authorized service center.
  • Warranty will not be provided to you under some conditions like water logging, Improper use.
  • When you remove you’r original serial number from the product.
  • Damage when happens while recording some information and data.
  • When defects caused by housed hold pets like dogs, cats, insects many other.
  • Customer is advised to back up the whole data before handing to the repair to the service. Because company never provide you back up for the hard disk
  • Warranty does not covers defects when you’r device got short circuited.
  • When third party claims against customer for losses or damages.
  • Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

When the warranty period expires company will not provide you any type of free services at that time the only thing you have to do is that to go for a extend warranty plan.

Final Conclusion:

Finally Samsung is only one product which used to satisfies each and every customer. and Samsung is one of the best product. Most the customers always believes that Samsung is the only product which used to be work for a long life. Samsung is the product which gains maximum number of customers trust.

Samsung offers a finite best features other than many products in an affordable prizes.

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