Most Important Reasons Why IOS Is Better Than A Android

Today I’m going to tell you about the most exciting thing. The reason why I choose this topic is. Nowadays people are in confusion that which phone is better for them to purchase. So in this article, I’m going to make you clear which phone to buy.

Most of the people plan to take a phone which is most trusted, Nowadays the only phone-in world which is most trusted by the people is IOS. Most of you will think about why IOS is better than other mobiles. Don’t worry I’m going to clarify all your doubts in this article. Personally, I prefer IOS as the best because.

Reasons Why IOS Is Better Than The Android:

#1. iPhones Are Used To Be Faster:

When you are trying to buy a new iPhone, you have to know that the A12 Bionic chip inside beats anything from the Android camp. The reason why the iPhone is faster than Android because iPhone xs beats the Galaxy s10 plus Snapdragon 855 chip in geek bench 4, Which measures overall performance. The iPhone XS scored a higher 11,420.

Most of the times we can also find that the latest iPhones can transcode videos faster in our editing test. iPhone xs takes just 39 seconds. This is the speed difference which makes you enjoy.

#2. Most Of The Developers Prefer iPhone To Make Apps:

Most of the app developers first prefer the iPhone to develop their apps. Because the iPhone is cool, so obviously developers look for the cool platforms to develop their apps. It is also one of those things that became self-fulfilling.

At present days situations are changing slowly. Even updates to apps are far more likely to happen first at IOS.

#3.iPhones Are Used To Be More Secure:

Comparing to androids iPhones are more secure and maintains more privacy. Apple always believes that privacy and security are fundamental to the Apple brand. Apple always keeps on increasing the depth of encryption. So we always prefer security and privacy first.

So the iPhone is the best choice for your privacy and security.

#4.iPhone Never Consists Of Heavy apps:

When you buy an iPhone after turning it on you can get apple apps and remain is up to you. But when you turn on an android phone, you will get lots of nonsense apps which you don’t like, and also in some cases, you are unable to uninstall those apps which make you more irritated.

#5.iPhone Can Also Be Used To Work With Your Mac:

Your mac is always ready to do different things for your iPhone like sending texts, and also your phone plugs into your mac effortlessly, which connects just as effortlessly to your cloud. Google never thinks to create hardware-software ecosystems. it doesn’t quite right about it.

#6. It Is Only The Easiest Phone To Use:

It is the only phone which is used to easiest to use far.some may lament the lack of change in the look and feel of IOS over the years, but you have to consider it has a plus which works pretty much the same as it did way back in 2007. so pick it up turn it on touch the icon to open.

Apple also had the ability to edit live photos and also to send payments in message apps and also organize files through via proper files app. And presently IOS 12 got Siri shortcuts and suggestions, group facetime, faster performance, and many other enhancements. So expect the improvement will continue with the IOS 13 fall.

#7.Apps Selection And control:

The apple store consists of more apps than the google store. But in an overall selection, it is only the most important factor.

Apple store is very strict about the apps which it allows. But in the case of Android, it is not as much as strict as apple because in recent times a fake version of wats app has been allowed by google play and it is installed by 1 million people. But till now this type of situation never happened in the apple store.

#8.Family Sharing:

We can share family sharing on the iPhone Mom, dad, and the kids can purchase from the Apple store,iTunes, and iBooks up to six people. And also you can still keep your iTunes account too. If in case a junior wants to make a purchase you can receive an alert via ask to buy feature, So that it makes easy to you to keep better tabs on what he is downloading and also you can prevent bill shock.

If you want to choose an iCloud storage plan for your family then you can choose between a 200GB Icloud storage plan. its price is $2.99 per month for 200GB or $9.99 per for 2TB.

It also includes many family sharing features like shared photo albums, shared calendars, and also you can see your kids at any time on maps. Google doesn’t offer family sharing easily on androids.

#9.iPhone Support Warranty Extend:

You can get better support from IOS more than an android. Because when you find a problem on your android you have to find the solution on online forums or calling your carrier. But when you find the same problem in IOS you can tap into a vast database of useful help articles on the apple website.and also you can go with live chat or you can schedule an appointment at an apple genius bar.

#10.3D Touch System:

This is the best feature on the iPhone. Till now we can’t see this feature in android. By using this 3D touch you can easily go to Wifi, Bluetooth, cellular data many more and also it also makes things more convenient, this what you want to do all the time.

3D will confirm win an award towards android because when you use 3D Touch, It’s really hard for you to back to the which doesn’t use 3D touch.

Finally IOS is the most trusted company by the different types of people in the world. And also it sales the products which runs for long life. So when you are planning to buy a electronic gadgets always try to prefer IOS gadgets.

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