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Most of the people always want to check the warranty of the device which they are going to buy because if any repair or damage will come after buying a device immediately and there is no warranty to that device and you have to spend a lot of money on repair it makes you feel so sad.

If you have a warranty to your device and you happily send your device to the service center or you will replace your device because you have the warranty.


Most of the companies will offer you minimum 6 months or 1 year warranty for you’r device so that you can send you’r device for the repair to service centers with a free of cost they will repair you’r device and they will return you.

When you are trying to buy an Lenovo laptop the basic thing that you have to do is to check the lenovo warranty check to find its covers and coverage duration.

Three Easy Ways To View Your Warranty Status :

  • The basic thing you have to do is to click the lookup button below.
  • After that enter the serial number of your computer on the manufacturer page.
  • Finally, select the check warranty button.

Best thing of lenovo warranty check:

The first thing you have to do after buying a Lenovo laptop is that you have to fill each every detail of the purchase. After completing this task you have to start a service request. The basic thing you have to do is your Lenovo device is broken in a warranty period.

When you register your device you can check your device warranty status online. The best thing about the Lenovo warranty is Lenovo service centers will take just 3-10 days time to solve your problems which depend on the brand and service locations.

Best ways to register you’r lenovo device in online are:

  • Firstly click here Lenovo warranty check To register your Lenovo device online. After completing this step choose your location in the country or region drop-down menu.
  • In the second step, you have to fill your personal details like name, pin code, email and all other personal details. after that, you have to enter the purchase details which consists of a model number too.
  • After completing the second step you have to enter your serial number which is found at your bottom of the laptop and also enter your purchase details where your device has been purchased.
  • Finally, click the submit button to complete your registration of the laptop.


Simple way to check you’r warranty online:

When you want to check your warranty online then Click Here. Immediately click on check warranty button After that you have to enter your devices serial number or IMEI number. So that you can check your warranty online in a simple way.

Trick To Extend You’r Lenovo Warranty:

If you want to extend your device life so, that you have to go with an extended life plan (Click Here) or (Click Here). Because in some times your device will damage after the Lenovo warranty exists and you are not able to afford the price which was given by the service centers. so, that at the time if you want to be in the safe zone then have the extended warranty plan you can also give your device for repair for the free of cost.


Extended warranty plan will start immediately after your warranty plan expires. It is also used to cover all the warranty plans which were offered by the company.

Extended warranty plan is an best plan for all the devices.

How to check you’r warranty information:

  • The basic thing you have to do is that click the warranty lookup button.
  • After that immediately at the manufacturer page enter the serial number of your computer.
  • Mostly you have done the last and final step is to click on the check warranty button.

Simple Steps To Check:

  • Firstly you have to Click HereTo check that your product is covered under warrant or not before visiting any of the physical locations.
  • They are many different simple options to check your product mainly like many of the brands and companies are providing an onsite warranty service which offers free pick up and delivery.
  • Most of the companies will provide you an operation recovery portion in your laptop itself only. For any software problems, you can easily contact customer service they are always ready to help you.
  • The best way is to use youtube they much valuable information at youtube you can also easily solve your ‘r issues by using youtube. So that you can easily save your most valuable time which is most precious in nowadays.
  • When you are really planning to give your laptop for warranty repair. most importantly you have to take all your important data like pictures, videos, files, etc many other. Because any data recovery or back up will not be done by any authorized service centers.
  • If in any case, you lost your more important data so that you can contact them for recovery solutions.

The warranty service will not be for the issues of the problems which are mentioned below:

  • Black spots on the screen or the broken screen.
  • Liquid or water damage at laptops.
  • Physical damages like scratches and dents.
  • Missing keyboard keys replacement
  • Laptop base panel, Broken hinges.
  • Power shots or burns
  • Every software problems.
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