Latest Reasons For Why Android Is Better Than A IOS

Nowadays this is the hot topic which is running in today’s internet that why android is better than IOS. So today in my article I’ll be going to explain to you clearly the reasons why android is better than IOS. Most of the people always choose the best.

Personally, I’ll love to use android. Because of the many features, it had.

Reasons, why Android is better than IOS, is.

Best values:

When you planned to buy an iPhone you can find just 8 choices in front of you they are

  • The $349 iPhone SE.
  • The $449 iPhone 6S.
  • The $549 iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7.
  • The $669 iPhone 7 plus.
  • The $699 iPhone 8.
  • The $799 iPhone 8 plus.
  • The $999 iPhone X.

And the 4-inch iPhone SE sounds like a bargain in comparison to its bigger brother.

In these cases, you can easily find a best and great android phone at just $349 which comes with a bigger screen.

They are many different types of android phones which cost less than $250. So androids phones are available for any type of person. It is that type of phone which consists of less cost and better features.

Latest Features:

They are many new features in android mostly you can zoom out google maps navigation our zoom out video to floating thumbnails, so you can continue doing other things while looking at them. You can easily and automatically select the names, addresses, or business information to copy and paste. Most importantly it allows any new application notification feature to press and hold the application icon to expand the information and to browse the warning content.

SourceOpen sourceclosed with open source content
Initial Release September 23,2008 July 29, 2007
CustomizabilityEasy to customize. It is possible to change almost anything Limited customizability unless it is jail broken
DeveloperGoogle, open handset alliance Apple INC
Available languages100+ languages
Primary: Google hangouts
34 languages
Primary: I message, Face time(can be used only with other apple devices.
Call messagingThird-party apps such as Google duo, Facebook, whats app, messenger and skype work on both Android and IOSThird-party apps such as Google duo, messenger, whats app,and skype work on both Android and IOS.
Voice commandsGoogle Now, Google AssistantSiri
Latest updateAndroid PieiOS12

Seven Things That Android Users Can Do Which IOS users can’t do

  • Personalizing your device
  • Managing Phones Storage
  • Recording Phone calls
  • Custom ROMs
  • Split screen
  • Multi users
  • Default apps

USB Type-C charger ports with fast charging:

At the time when you want to charge an and connect it to the computer for any tiny reason you need a cable with apples proprietary lightening port, There is a risk in this lightening no devices other than iphones and ipads can charge over using lightening port.

So you are unable to share the same set of cables with your other gear. because Mac books charge through USB-C.

In these latest days, many of the android phones are using USB Type-c port for charging. So, in that case, they can easily access broad universal ports and peripherals.and from universal chargers to docking stations.

Finally android phones charge will give more life then IOS charge.

Hardware options, Including rugged phones:

They are many more hardware options including rugged phones, In recent times Google’s marketing tag line for android was together not the same because in different phone models in this world it appears this platform. Most importantly you can get different screens in android


If you want to enjoy being able customize your phone, so absolutely best way is to go with android phone

Customization is the most loved feature for every people even I too love this feature mostly in android. This feature doesn’t exist in the IOS due to Apple thinks that it knows what best for you, there no matter what you need or not. So, in this case, it locks down the UI and offers only fewer customization then google does. and you are also limited to a few select widgets. But coming to android you are able to select thousands of widgets that live on your home and lock screen. And also it provides you everything from the music playback to weather and note-taking.

Most of the manufacturers like Samsung, LG, add custom skins on top of the core operating system which offers a unique look and feel. You can also install your own launcher and add a custom theme, which makes your phone completely different and unique.

Google Playstore:

Google playstore is just an excellent feature that android have. It is well laid out and extremely user friendly. The best thing in this it offers you any type of app that you think off. They always prefer for a very simplistic UI which is very beautiful. Basically it is very to use and read and they show the users only what they want see. which is visually appealing.

In the vision I have used both the google play store and apple store both are very good app stores, better than an amazon app store, for sure.

The best advantage in the google play store is when you want to submit your app in google play store is very easy when comparing to the apple store.

Yes, Apple goes with a tedious process of checking your app which you are submitting to make sure that it follows their guidelines. In some cases, Apple will deny your app from getting into the app store, In case if you do as silly as using the chevron symbol incorrectly. It’s just about making your app perfect apple eyes.

Don’t worry on the other hand it is very easy for you to submit an android built app to the google play store. You don’t need to go half the stuff that you went on apple, This is used to make your life less stressful.

Features That Android Offers That iPhone Don’t:

In this this i’m going tell you about some features which android don’t.

  • Water and dust resistant
  • wireless/ Fast charging.
  • IR blaster to control devices.
  • Haptic feedback
  • Ability to access all your files by using your phone as a mass storage device.

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