Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone | 3 Advanced Alternative Methods

If you really want to set up your new IOS device look for the apps or data screen So, here you will see only easier process transfer.

One of my friend, really he faced this issue while switching his device from an Android to iPhone…

So, here guide to help every of my user or any one else what ever your reason while switching your gadget from android to Apple. You need to transfer your android data to iPhone here we tell you how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6, 7, 8  & all iPhone mobiles.

So, if you really looing to make this transfer contacts from android to iPhone. we guide you completely in natural for you to be curiour and ditch the iphone for a while at least.

Hope that, we are guiding a biggest question. It mostly helps, Person who is planning to switch their gadget from Android to iPhone. And its very simple and easiest way to copy contacts from your Android to iPhone.

We made a different solutions for each different section, here you can lookup best alternative tricks to transfer phone contacts from android to iPhone. Which we inserted here quick and easy work of data transfer to your iPhone. There are multiple software to help this issue. By using some software you can transfer almost all the data can from your device to another by simple touch. Coming to contacts, its a most important to copy your contacts to iPhone that we made little tricky & simple>

Still Android is king, with that iOS is very important on security and more. Here we won’t judge, any one will try to use more latest models &  heavy featured devices to choose best one. On that way probably need to copy or transfer all your contacts transfer from android to iPhone.

In this have to remember thing, if your switch you android device with Google account you can transfer contacts and messages from android to iPhone and can transfer complete data easily. If account not switched to Google its make little tough to transfer contacts from android to iPhone verizon. And moreover our team member made very simple tricks it it attached or not you can transfer contacts from android to iphone 6, 7, 8 ….. ​


easiest way to transfer contacts from android to iPhone |Google Account

One of best and simple movement to transfer contact transfer contacts from android to iPhone, Here everyone knows that Google providing a best trick that is direct path for complete data transfer like contacts, messages, music etc. This method is  very simple for backing up contacts from an android device to G-Cloud. By this process you can restore entire data what you need to the new iPhone. Moreover this is free trick no need buy or download any unwanted software’s. Just sync your Google account helps to Keep your data safe and secure.

Compare with other tricks this is makes you the best choice because you can get both Android & Apple support.

Step 1: Remember this only works, if your Google account (Mail id ) sync with your contacts in your mobile. Please check as follow up my steps given below and some devices don’t do that by default. If you seen this on your account please tab on sync contacts to make simple to transfer.

In this process no need to work heavy because back up your contact to Google is made easily, it happen automatically if your account is in login.

Just Go – To – Settings -> Accounts & BackUp, Then after you can Accounts -> Sync Account -> Tab ON Contacts…

Step 2: After set up, please enable contact syncing on just one Tab If not, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts and tap the Gmail account.

Step 3: At last step please make Green visible to activate sync, helps to add Google data ( Contacts ) to your iPhone.

Step 4: Now within Minute you will see all your contacts data without any changes. When you done Sync all of your data from Gmail account.


transfer contacts from android to iphone via SIM card

One more best way to transfer contacts from android to iPhone via sim card. Below given complete steps get.

Step 1. Backup your contact data from your Android Phone to the SIM card

Step 2. Then Switch-Off your mobile and remove SIM card from your Android Phone..

Step 3. Insert Your SIM card into Your iPhone…

Step 4. Now Open iPhone Settings -> Contacts -> Tab On Import SIM Contacts.


how do i transfer contacts from android to iPhone Via App

Easiest way to transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6, 7, 8…. If you don’t want to install any application you can follow above methods to get contacts transfer from android to iPhone. 

This is applicable if your are ready to download app to transfer contacts from android to iPhone .Phonecopy  helps to backs up and syncs your precious contacts data better than the other clouds.

One  best app to transfer contacts from android to iPhone which made Simple, genius. Moreover it doesn’t matte if your are using iPhone or Android phones. Its just seconds of work you can use home Wi-Fi. And from the cloud they will be also downloaded to your laptop or desktop free app to transfer contacts from iphone to android.

But the default, have to transfer only 500 Contacts can by synced without any paid. If you need more than have to pay little amount to the application.  And this app act as an online backup for your contacts. You can also carry both android and an iPhone to can help you keep your contact always in sync.

The Simple, Safe & Secure Cloud to transfer contacts from android to iPhone app.

You can Download in both Androids/iOS

After installation, sign up its free to open account. First, take up the phone where need to transfer from and sync with the online server. Having done that, switch to your new phone and sync the contacts back from the server.

If you have more than 500 contacts, have to go with paid service starting cost $25. This app to transfer contacts from iPhone to android & from android to iPhone.

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