Two advanced Methods On How To Screenshot On Mac & iPhone

Here we are going to explain How To Take A Screenshot On A MAC & iPhone.

Why our team selected to make this article. Regarding to this topic more than 40 Lakhs of people are searching for process to take a screenshot on MAC & iPhone. However finally we made a perfect and advanced solutions to clear your issue in seconds of time. Don’t leave this page because we inserted step by step process, you can have with/without software’s. From now our target is you people don’t let any important pictures, video’s, captures, pop ups, conversations and payment receipts. Those are very important to follow up in future. We hope that our guide makes a exact solution for what your looking on Google. ( Screenshot Mac & iPhone)

There are many situations make to take a screenshot on your iPhone or mac. You might a software but to report an important pop-up seen on your device at next second. Here our goal, DigitalAndroids user’s don’t want to search for anything, because we made a single click step to take a screenshot in a second. But how ?

We know Screenshots became an important part on internet world. Screenshot needy situations are many in our regular life, any one can might need a screenshots or want to capture a great or interesting moments on videos or computer.

You can take any kind of picture from your device screen that named as a screenshot. Screenshots can helps to take a picture of whatever’s on your device screen. After capture you can view, edit and share the image as per your requirements. Anyway 1st we have learn the easiest ways to take screenshot in iPhone & Mac….and then we’ll show you an another possible Software’s at the end to make more easy.

Here you can also lookup how to take screenshot in iPhone & Mac. This we made absolutely simple and easier way because there are many user’s searching on this topic.

In this article we are not encouraging any third party applications because our target to give advanced tricks based on your device however at end of the topic you can view our suggested Software’s which we used before updating here and safe solutions.

how to screenshot on mac

In this method we are going to discuss regarding how to take a screenshot on a mac. Without guide you can capture the entire screen or just selected area on screen.

Our process can work in all versions of MacOS or Mac OS C and we heard some additional feature exclusive to MacOS Mojave or later but don’t worry even we explaining with including. 

If you’ve upgraded to Mac OS Mojave or later, you can use the application to take any type or module of screenshots or also can Record A Video On Mac. Those taken screenshots you can find on your Gallery.

Now Capture The Entire Screen On Mac - KEY

We targeted to give you most popular and advanced tricks only.

1.) To achieve a entire screenshot capture on MAC its done by Holding Down Command + Shift + 5 macOS Mojave or later Version user’s.

2.) Shift-Command-3 for MacOS versions user’s.

3.) After holding button you can see OnScreen Capture Controls option on display.

4.) On screen you can see Multiple Options. Which described As Entire Screen, Selected Portion of the Screen, Capture A Menu & Touch Bar.

5.) Now Give a Tab on Entire Screen the Capture Entire Screen button options.

6.) At next, Pointer will changes to a Camera.

7.) To take a full page screenshot Click on capture.

8.) After clicking, captured Thumbnail will appears on corner of your screen. 

9.) Click to edit or view on Desktop.

Probably if you don’t want to take a complete screenshot  you can see below more options to take a required screenshot on mac. Similarly if you need capture in different screenshots on mac. Here we go commands ( Short cut keys ) below.

  1. Shift-Command-5 or Shift-Command-4 ( Windows Screenshot key )
  2. Shift-Command-5 or Shift-Command-4. ( Selected Area Capture )
  3. Shift-Command-5 or Shift-Command-4. ( Menu Screenshot Capture )

how to take screenshot in iphone

Topic 2: We guide you “how to take screenshot on your iPhone or iPad or iPad Touch”. We know apple releasing many models, also can observe with/without Home Button. On Old model iPhone we can make screenshot simply by pressing buttons but what about without Home button. Here we go both……How 

Take Screenshot With Configure Assistive Touch Now Use For Any iPhone Model

Latest trick done by DigitalAndroids which can use for any iPhone model. Now capture any screenshot with single press no need to press any Home button or Volume buttons or swiping gestures from right now. Now disable all the tricks suggested by others follow out restrictions to take screenshots on your iPhone. we guide you step by step process to make screen captures.

Step1 :  Open Settings.

Step2: Select General.

Step3 : Tab Accessibility.

Step4 : Click on AssistiveTouch And make Enable.

Step5 : Select Single/Double/Long Tab and choose Screenshot.

How To take screenshot on iPhone 5/6/7/8

Simple trick to take a iPhone screenshot more quickly. 

Press iPhone Home and Lock button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons to make screenshot success on your iPhone. This method will not work on latest mobiles like iPhone X, XR…..In case if your iPhone with home button can make a screenshot without home button please follow below steps to capture apple screenshot. Even you can use this methods on screenshot iPhone 8.

Already Apple made more simple tricks on every touch. Just we should learn how to maintain similarly here we learning how to make a screenshot in iPhone. After capturing a picture, thumbnail of capture appears on left side of your iPhone. If you don’t want to edit or further Swipe left on the thumbnail to dismiss it. If you want to edit please press on picture it automatically opens edit screen on your iPhone. Editing can allow to add drawings and text with Markup. Also can share on social media& others.

Most Advanced trick to take a screenshot on latest versions ( iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max )

Already iPhone gave huge difference like don’t have a Home Button, We seen this options only on latest versions. But here how to take screenshot on iPhone x, xr, xs max, 11, 11pro here we go…. How?

Step1 :  Open screen where you want to take Screenshot in iPhone.

Step2 : Remember “Screenshot capture’s entire screen on your iPhone”.

Step3 : Now Press and Hold the Side Button on the right side of the iPhone with Face ID.

Step4 : At the same time press Volume Up button..

Step5: With in seconds screen will flash with white borders moreover you can hear a Shutter Sound.

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