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Here learn about how to take a screenshot on windows, We know that screenshot is an image taken from your screen which named as a basic task, But we can see lookup many third party applications running where support to take screenshot on windows which offers little easy and plus features. Same way in this article you can look up huge methods to get a screenshot on windows. 

Its a little fun part on Gadgets, moreover its a important picture that makes great interesting moments on pc’s. And taking screenshot on windows its look like simple which very similar to taking a Screenshot On MAC/iPhone. Here we inserted different PC screenshot methods, every methods make you best suits because listed very advanced tricks on how to do screenshot on windows. From starting our DigitalAndroids team going with only easiest and simple ways then after will go high level which possible methods at last.

Screenshot On Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 will makes some final screenshot fun, this thumbnail will appears on left-side on your screen display. Those screenshots you might need to captures at a great and interesting moments on your PC, on Videos or sudden popups….

Our main target to give latest techniques to help taking a screenshot on windows, Gathered complete simple ways with help of keyboard shortcut keys which makes perfect speed and efficiency, At any time if you need to save your image on your files or gallery just do copy paste on your documents or emails or use the Windows Snipping Tool which gives more support, simply go to file and save the image.

Even you can do editing on your windows from PC tools Snip & Sketch very simple access where you can make a more modifications with the pencil, pen and you can also make social shares moreover you can look lacks of important features on windows.

Now crop your screenshot rectangular or free frame. And change background colour, brightness, contract and many.


let’s start how to use the snipping tool

Most popular and the best way to take screenshot on windows tool name is Snipping Tool which works with combination of Keyboard keys/Mouse. One of my regular way to screenshot on my PC. 

just few steps to take four types still screenshots on your PC. There are Window snip, Rectangular Areas,  Free-Form Area & Entire Screen. This complete process can handle with keyboard or mouse those images can easily store in any file ( PNG, GIF or JPEG files ). Also you can enjoy editing option on snipping tool, can add colour’s, pens, an sketches and highlighter….

This complete free tool you can use in any PC’s like windows 7, 8, 10 & vista. There are many user’s searching for “how to screenshot a computer page” on Google but no one will get exact solution on there search. Now digitalandroids made a perfect solution to capture a screenshot on windows.

Even we guide you here how to select screenshot on windows, how to save screenshot on windows, how to take a partial screenshot on windows, how to get a screenshot on windows & many. Those given questions are high search volume keywords on Google. For above question we done a perfect and exact solution on out website.

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where is snipping tool in windows 7, 8, 10

Now  find your Snipping Tool on windows.

Step1: Press on Windows key from keyboard and click on search bar.

Step2: Type “snipping tool” 

Step3: Select Snipping Tool on above & tab on program on your screen.

Step4: On screen you can see new window with Small Box. (Below fig)

how to use snipping tool on windows

Step1: Open Snipping Tool program…which allows all windows vista, 7, 8 and 10 helps to capture a screenshots with mouse movement.

Step2: Click on New Snip which you can find before “Mode”…

Step3: Now Select Mode which you need Window snip, Rectangular Areas,  Free-Form Area & Entire Screen…Now choose the type of snip just you want to make screenshot from screen you can choose any one from four.

Free-form snipMove cursor as per required form a free-form shape around image.
Rectangular snipDrag the mouse around an object to form a perfect screenshot.
Window snipBest, Such as a select position , that you want to capture.
Full-screen snipTake Screenshot Entire Screen.

Step4: And select Seconds Of Time to take a screenshot on windows.Here can observe pop up which drop down time list select on the number of seconds to make perfect screenshot.

Step5: At next you will view on screen Snipping Tool Moving…. & Tab on Try Snip & Sketch. Just to go next new screen.

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Step6: Once you tab on button, your screen outside of the Snipping Tool Now screen will become faded next select location as your Select Required Portion… ( Drag with mouse )

Press Shortcut key “Windows + Shift + S”

Step7: When you release your mouse you will automatically see screenshot on Snipping Tool Editing Window…Once a screenshot done, thumbnail will appears at left side and drag the image to open editing page.

Further grab & save capture on your storage

how to take a screenshot on windows 7, 8,10 without snipping tool

Press Fn + PrtSc Button ( Or ) Windows + Prtsc ( Or ) Alt + PrtSc

One more simple trick to make screen shot on desktop, here you can capture entire screen by pressing windows shortcut screenshot keys. Now click on Fn + PrtScn. For some laptops you can press only “PrtSc SysRe” named as Print Screen button in order get copied screenshot.

Now if you want to save the windows print screen shot, paste it on wordpad or notepad or paint or another programs. pressing the “PrtSc” button you won’t see anything. So, just paste it on any page.

We hope that our article helps you more on taking screen shot. Read complete information meanwhile you will get exact solution to your problem,  If you face any issue on process please comment here. Moreover we need more hidden tricks on how to take screenshot, we always wish to insert more tricks on screenshot … Let us know in the comments!

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