How To Flip/Rotate Screen In Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 & iPhone, iPad, Chromebook | Advanced Guide

Now Rotate your Screen with a Keyboard Shortcut keys.

How to rotate your screen on iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android.
More than 1L people are searching for this topic  to rotate the screen to view there screen horizontal plane, but don’t worry here we explaining complete and most simple steps to switch your device to rotate as your wish.
This is very impressive thing to watch video’s or photos with horizontal screen if you’re searching for this and also can make settings like reorient themselves  90 degrees screen based  how you’re holding the device. In this process device will automatically adjusts its display to make a perfect view rather than tall.
This will take on accessibility setting in device, cool automatic rotates to see fancy look as per requirement between portrait and landscape.
But in some case we face some issue on rotation, some devices screen doesn’t rotate at required time. This moment makes frustrating to use own devices, here we fix this issue to make perfect rotation at any time/any where.

Given methods are completely works with/without software, go ON as per you required. Even we see that every device will comes with screen rotate option but we should activate at needy time & Also can edit option to make easier enable/disable.

Screen rotation make your more simple to edit or read documents/eBook and view photos or videos at perfect format. Whole this great situations can create on one click. Rotate the screen in windows 10 or Mac is usually fairly straightforward, here we heard or seen some computer manufacturers make things little difficult. If you want to rotate computer screen in windows, we prefer to use navigation on screen resolution menu and customize the setting as per requirement orientation field. In some cases can also use shortcut keys or control panels to rotate the screen on Mac, there are many multiple tricks are provided here to make rotation field in your display.

On internet we can see several methods to make this solution but here you will identify only popular and recommended method to rotate windows screen. You have many options like built in display settings, your graphics card settings also can use shortcut keys to make more easier. 

But here given method is not based on application or anything. Just we go on through settings to rotate screen windows. 

if you want to use hotkey to enable more simple use this software’s like Nvidia and AMD drives, which helps to rotate a windows screen such as Shift-Alt-Arrow keys.

Delete The Cache/Documents & Data On Your iPhone or iPad 

  1. Ctrl+Alt+Up to rotate to the default.
  2. Ctrl+Alt+Left to rotate 90 degrees.
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Down to rotate by 180 degrees.
  4. Ctrl+Alt+Right to rotate by 270 degrees.

how to rotate windows screen

Quickest and simple way to rotate the screen in windows 10 is start with right click on the screen and choose display settings command. In windows 7 give a right click the screen resolution command instead.

This process can work in all windows 7,8,9, 10. Just follow outline steps to get exact screen resolution.

Right click -> Go To Settings > System > Display window. On Windows 7, you’ll end up at Control Panel – > Appearance and Personalization – > Display -> Display Settings

Step1: Give a right click on empty area on your desktop, and select Display settings.

Step2: Select Display next tab on Orientation option you will see under resolution, CLick the dropdown menu under it. Choose as per your requirements Landscape, Portrait, Landscape (flipped), or Portrait (flipped.)

Note: In Windows 7 you can look different steps but the same orientation options.

If won’t get this options then its not a windows 10 click To Check The Windows 10 Version or Not. If not please update or follow On Windows 7, you’ll end up at Control Panel – > Appearance and Personalization – > Display -> Display Settings.

how to rotate screen with keyboard

There are many PCs with huge hotkeys, which helps to work quick and easy when pressed. In some PCs company providing with Intel graphics drivers. This will helps you on windows 10 screen with the keyboard hotkey. However to make this step before you should activate the hot keys features in your windows 10. If you PC suddenly rotated while pressing then it means already key is activated so no need to enable. Its best accidental step which automatically rotates as required. 

  1. Ctrl+Alt+Up to rotate normal upright rotation.
  2. Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow rotates it 270 degrees.
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow flips it upside down (180 degrees).
  4. Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow rotates your screen 90 degrees.

How To Rotate screen on chromebook

This one more simple step to rotate chromebook screen by pressing the shortcut key ctrl + shift + refresh at the same time. Only one key for complete four rotation on screen.

how to rotate screen on iphone

This option only available for iOS 7 or higher, just swipe up from the down of the screen to get control centre. If not find lock and arrow icon..

Go To Settings -> Control Centre -> Custimise Controls -> Press On Plus Symbol (+) To Activate.

Note: If you’re using old version below iOS 7 then you will find the rotation lock in the Fast App Switcher which you can open by double clicking on the home button and then swiping left to right.

how to rotate screen on ipad

When you rotate your screen it will makes more attraction on pictures or videos on iPhone and iPad touch, Now get iPad screen to rotate in simple but you can see difference on some models. But by here given process you can get similar to every device don’t worry we guide you ipad how to rotate screen.

If you have iPad earlier than the iPad Air or the iPad mini 3, this tip applies to you. 

Go To Settings app -> Tap General -> Use Side Switch to which lets you choose whether the small switch on the side above the volume buttons controls the mute feature or the rotation lock.


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