An e-payments is a technique for making transactions or paying for goods and services through an electronic device, without the use of checks or cash. It’s additionally called an electronic payment system or an online payment system.

Paying a medical bills by using e-payment is a convenient way to pay online. Make a payment to your doctor and healthcare provider with the e-pay system from your computer, mobile and tabs is safe and secure.  Skip writing checks and save on postage. Do make payment with outstanding electronic medical bills high speed and increased convenience.

The e-payment service enables plan participants to pay medical bills online with their debit card, credit card, heath saving account or bank account information, adding convenience for consumers while helping health care providers get paid faster and quickly. Recently, only two-thirds of physician practices accept credit cards, according to report from SK and A details services.

Login and Payment Steps

Step1: Enter Your Username and Password and click on sign in

Step2: Now go to my accounts and billing to pay your medical doctor bill, hospital bill, or any bill you receive from any Bingham Memorial Hospital source online.

To pay your medical bill online, you’ll need the following:

  • Name and location
  • Fill in the account information or your credit card
  • Your invoice from the hospital or patient number
  • Credit card or MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover of your bank account information

Some sites make it simple by taking you directly to a bill payments page. Other sites will ask you to register, enrol or create an online account before paying your bill, follow the site’s instruction and registered. You will only have to do this once, so for the future it will be easy to pay your medical bill payments.

Ready to get started?

Check your hospital or health care system below and click the link. It will take you to direct to a page to begin the online payment process.

Simplify the health care payments is vital though wellbeing couldn’t care less partners, and this new payments usefulness speaks to a significant advancement that is profiting shoppers, care suppliers and the whole social insurance system,” said Bill Marvin, president, CEO and fellow benefactor of InstaMed. “Incorporating myClaims Manager with the InstaMed Network has brought about increasingly proficient and consistent payments among shoppers and medicinal services expert

Electronic Payment Methods

One of the most famous payment structures online is credit card and debit card. Other than them, there are also elective payment techniques, for example, bank transfers, electronic wallets, smart cards. Electronic payment techniques could be arranged into two zones, credit payment systems and money payment systems.

1. Credit Payment System

Credit Card — A form of the electronic payment system are  required to use of the card issued by a financial institute to the customer  for making payments online or digitally device, like a computer, tab and mobile instead of using  cash. Please make a note to enter your active credit card number.

E-wallet — E-wallet also known as digital wallet refers to an electronic device.  A form of prepaid account that stores user’s financial data, like credit card and debit card information to make an online transaction easier and quickly.

Smart card — A smart card is a plastic card that has an embedded integrated chip that acts as a security token with a microprocessor that can be loaded with funds to make transactions.

2. Cash Payment System

Direct debit

A monetary exchange where the record holder trains the bank to gather a particular measure of cash from his record electronically to pay for good or services.


A computerized form of an old paper check. It’s an electronic exchange of cash from a financial balance, as a rule, financial records, without the utilization of the paper check.


This is a type of an electronic payment system, where a specific measure of cash is put away on a customer’s gadget and made available for online exchanges.

Stored-value card 

A card with a specific measure of cash that can be utilized to play out the exchange in the backer store. A common cause of putting away worth cards is gift vouchers.

Pros and Cons to pay Medical Bills Using E Pay

E-payment system is made to encourage the acknowledgement of electronic payment for online exchanges. With the developing fame of internet shopping, the e-payment system turned into an absolute necessity for online purchasers — to make shopping and banking more convenient. It accompanies numerous advantages, for example, Arriving at more customers from everywhere throughout the world, which brings about more deals.

Increasingly powerful and productive exchanges

It’s since exchanges are made in short order (with a single tick), without burning through the client’s time. It accompanies speed and effortlessness.


Clients can pay for things on an online business site whenever and anyplace. They simply need a web associated gadget. As straightforward as that!

Lower exchange costs and diminished innovation costs

Costs control for clients, as they can generally check their virtual record where they can discover the exchange history.

Today it’s anything but difficult to add payments to a site, so even a non-specialized individual may actualize it in minutes and begin handling on the web payments.

Payment doors and payment suppliers offer profoundly compelling security and hostile to misrepresentation apparatuses to make exchanges dependable.

Healthcare costs proceed to rise purchasers despite everything have huge issues understanding medical bills

The report additionally finds that 71% of purchasers need to get electronic statements from clinics, specialists and different suppliers, yet so far just 17% of patients get their doctor’s visit expenses on the online. “Despite the fact that we live in an advanced age, a lot of human services’ interchanges to customers are by means of paper,” the report says.

This distinction is generally common in explanations to purchasers—an e-statement offers buyers the advanced association for social insurance payments that they need, while additionally making the whole procedure speedier and more helpful than sent paper charges that customers get weeks or months after their date of services. More buyers, it appears, likewise need to cover their clinical tabs using their cell phone or tablet. Versatile payments made by purchasers on cell phones represented 29% of every single online payments prepared through InstaMed’s payment handling system in 2018, up from 18% in 2015.

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