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Start button > Settings > System > About ->  Open About settings.

Their are several graphical operating systems, those are consisted of three operating system(sub-families) that are released at the same time and share the same kernel.

Coming to latest version April 2019 update was named 19H1 ) of windows 10 (Redstone 5), however Microsoft releases new major updates regularly every six months. Those updates can take little time to reach Your PC. Here complete guide on what version of windows server do i have presently, How do i know what version of windows i have and where do i find what version of windows i have….. DigitalAndroids is the best way to find all the question which user’s are facing.

Some user’s require Upgrade old version to Windows 10, if not user will lose the high security updates and supports from windows. Present running world Microsoft introducing unbelievable things like Windows Hello face login, touch-screen support, multiple desktops, Quick Access in File Explorer, and even the Edge browser improve my daily computing.

Every user keeps going on upcoming operating system features, no one want to miss those versions. Meanwhile Windows never display any details regarding latest versions on desktop or on an accessible windows. Then how do i find out what version of windows i have…Just follow our steps to find out what version running and how you can skip the wait and guide on update most recent version if you not done back. but you can find it in just a few steps.

Those latest version details can find more easily because our team member described more simple steps to check the latest version.


Method 1:

Find what version of windows 10 do i have

Best guide to know windows 10 operating system developed by Microsoft. Its popular and most recommended service in world wide. 

To Find out which version of windows your using presently on your device just follow my shortcut key to know automatically on your screen.

Step 1:  Press The Windows Logo  key R

Step 2: Type “winver” In The Open Box

You can use this method even it is old, “Winver” tool very recommended trick to find the build number and version with complete PC details  of your windows 10 operating system. If you want to use this method Type “winver” into the start menu then press ok. At next step you can see automatically complete details about your PC.

Step 3: Select OK

In above Picture you can see some data about the windows 10 version, OS build, Edition and system protection properties…

Check Build And Version Number: Visit at the Build and Version details. If it your PC with Windows 10, you’ll see “OS BUILD 10240” This latest version released by Windows 10. This is biggest update you can watch complete details regard new version number scheme here.

You can get some keys like ‘1511‘ Its a scheme to identify the version using the build of windows 10 released.

Here you will Find the Windows Version With a Command | Best Trick

Its a simple process to know your running windows version, Just press the windows key and the R key at the same time, you will see the command box on one side. You will feel more best trick because the fastest and it works to all the present and future versions of windows. It’s really easy to do this regardless of the version of windows presently you using and moreover our guidance is completely identical.

  •  Click on start button(Windows Icon)…
  • Select All Apps…
  • Tab On Expand Windows System…
  • Identify RUN to Open it
  • Type “winver”
  • Tab Ok
  • Automatically you will see complete details regarding windows Version…

Method 2:

How to Find Out Which Version of Windows I Have

“Windows 10” the best unveils exciting innovations and it better than ever. Here you can learn complete guide how to find out version of windows i have, this steps will helps to your Windows 10 Laptops, PCs, Tablets…

Moreover coming Microsoft won’t be bump things still windows 11, any time as soon. Okay now learn here how to edition and version of the operating system presently using in your gadget.

They are number of update given by Microsoft, but it take little time to reach your gadget but by following by steps you can update up-to-date, and there are still different editions of windows 10 with different feature, those feature have to run in your PC this is our team main aim. Microsoft is also offering for both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 10, too.

Here’s Step By Step To Find Windows Version| Guide

They are many users presently using this trending windows 10 operating system and its a solid idea of which helps to build own they are on. Windows 10 should be transparent and uses should not have to know the exact build of OS they are running.


Step 1: Select the Start Button…

Step 2: Go To Settings

Step 3: Choose System

Step 4: Tab On About

On Device Specifications you can see complete details about you device even it is  32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. 

Even you can Check which edition and version of Windows your device is running below Windows specifications

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