How to Change/Create(SSID) My JioFi Password On Laptop, Mobile, Mac | Guide

Now see steps to change or create new passwords

Joint Implementation Opportunities is the Fill Form of JIO. In this we can See a mobiles and network fully Reliance Jio Info-comm limited under Reliance Industries

Now, We are going to explain¬†how to change jiofi password, If you’re a Jio user then you’re are right place to know everything about¬†jiofi default password and jio connection. If are facing any rumour’s on jio devices then don’t worry because we help you everything on your issues now buy a JioFi device right now…

Reset JioFi Password just in 2mins

Click On Network > Wi-Fi Configuration > Secure key (in some models).

We all know that JioFi is a best popular internet connection and devices that sold by Reliance Jio (Mukesh Ambani). The most incredibly useful for every person on India and providing high speed wireless internet connection. Every one can use with little amount. Meanwhile other devices like it, JioFi allows users to connect there own portable WIFI hotspot to a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or a smart TV. With jiofi admin password you can connect upto 31 Devices at a instant time for internet access. And you will see MicroSD card storage of Upto 32GB, also users can use as a  voice to make calls through JioFi which are currently for free preview offer for 3 Months.

With this connection any one can browse online, play video games, music, videos work and many other online activities without any errors. And here if you feel any unknown person using your connection causes affect negatively on internet speed and many. So, here we suggest you to share your hotspot only with your friends, families, relatives and wanted people. Here we need to keep you alert from hackers or third parties from hook up to your network and safe from troubles.

we found many question on Google that Jio users are searching for, i forgot my jiofi username and password,¬† how to reset jiofi password,¬†i forgot my jiofi username and password &¬†how to get jiofi password¬† but¬†don’t worry we are guiding complete solutions on your issues.

Follow the steps outlined below and you will get complete step by step guide on password settings.

If you want to keep your JioFi secure, in regular life some situations makes password sharing with others, You might want to change the password every now and then. And here you can learn complete customization, jiofi password & username change.

Regular change password jiofi keeps your connection safe & speed compare with other connection.

we made  method on Jiofi username and password change in just 2 mins.

how to change jiofi password

Now ready to learn¬†how to change password of jiofi and few thing about network to keep secure it. If you’re sharing your jiofi wifi password with other then surly you need to¬† change password of jiofi regularly.

Resetting the password in jiofi is not very difficult task, you need to follow below given steps to make success…


Step 1: Switch ON your JioFi Hotspot device 

Just ON your device for further methods, ON the device by holding down the button.

Step2: Now Connect your JioFi device to Phone or a Laptop 

Now connect your device to the JioFi Tab on connect button, though you may see multiple names on WiFi connection. If want to know your Router name, see on the back of the package box or under the battery at the back of the device.

This complete process will go on the wireless settings on your device..

Setp3: Get Access the configuration interface to your JioFi

In this step you need browse a URL http://jiofi.local.html to manage your customization and login changes

Step4: JioFi Login to the interface to change  your Login ID

Use your login details username and Password as a admin to make a JioFi customization. After entering login details tab on LOGIN. Simple step to make changes on your login details.

Step5: JioFi Customization

In this step you can Choose a password and save Settings easily.

click on Network Р> Wi-Fi Configuration Р> Secure key 

Step6: Choose a Secure  password 

You will Find this option Network Name (SSID), here you can type any name you want Login ID

Step7: Now Enter Your New JioFi’s Login ID And Password

Please choose a password with high secure character’s like symbols, number, digits

Jiofi.local.html reset password-EVERYTHING ABOUT JIOFI, LOGIN 2/3, PASSWORD

This network designed a best method with friendly interface to change or reset password of everything regarding to JIO deivces. This JioFi 2/3 How To Log In To Your Wireless Router. The login address of the JioFi routers is JioFi.Local.html which points to your Device Address. Already above, we seen JioFi.local.html. Only used on JioFi routers. Information on how to find Jiofi’s password and how to use it has been provided This page contains all the information you have found about Jiofi wuth simple tricks no need to fear much.

What is Jio-Fi Hotspot Router?

There are many connection to make 4G router with long battery & sim slot. But here Jio came with different model of 4G router with regional price. And Jio will go with all people including Poor capabilities. And more supportive to every Indian user with their prepaid and postpaid both types.

And 4G portable hotspot router comes with 1300 to 1600 mah battery backup which gives you 5-6 hour internet connectivity while traveling to any place.

JIOFi Router LED Display Indicates You.

Many models on JIOFI, but every model are similar with LED display, which comes with three LED small light display for indication of Network signal and more. This will make you to make more coverage issues to indicate before you face at any location.

  1. Jio 4G network strength indication bar
  2. Hotspot Router Battery( 2300 mAh ) Charging status in percentage
  3. Its show Total number of users connected in Wi-Fi.
  4. Also this JioFi router can connect a upto 10 devices + 1 USB connection, having the ability to support many more connections but it based on model, you can different options on different models.

Best Jiofi Features
¬†‚ÄĘ Use Up to 150 Mbps
¬†‚ÄĘ Expandable Memory Capacity: 32 GB ( Based on models )
¬†‚ÄĘ Call Support only for Android 4G smartphones¬†

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