However, people before anything else every individual needs to understand where the problem lies because this clipboard issue is a natural one. This sometimes disturbs people because they are with half information. And we know how important is the clipboard, it is part of all the devices. So before anyone accuses clipboard and related problem then they can surely solve their problems by following these steps –

Method1: FIX and Restore The Copy and Paste Function in Windows 10 [ 100% Fixed ]

Step1:First, go to the “Start” section, and mention CMDon the command prompt icon>Open As Administrator.

Step2: After that, mention the “cmd /c”echo off|clip”” and hit on the “Enter” button that’s it.

Step3: Now Shut down/Restart the PC and open it again and check that you are still facing the sorry, no manipulations with clipboard error.

Method2: Switch on clipboard history

Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed and this is the reason you need to check this step and learn about it. At first check out that is there any history enabled?

Step1: If yes then go to the Settings> System and Click on the Clipboard Option on the left menu.

Step2: If the Clipboard History button is Disabled then you need to Sign In.

Step3: When you follow this option then the system will be able to paste only the most current item on the Clipboard and this would become hard to have access to the clipboard history.

Step4: And also at the same time, the Sync Must be well managed, it should not be enabled by Default. You must be log in and to do this you can sign in to the system along with your Microsoft Account.

Method3: Check the registry values [ 100% Fixed ]

Before you say, sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed. You need to check the registry values at first. Remember this before you take any step you need to have a backup of the default values and this would surely help you with the right care. So this also needs to be focused on all the settings and configurations used by the Windows system. You just need to follow these steps –

Steps 1: When you take any back up you need to open the ‘Start Menu’ and then look for the Regedit.exe and then go and hit the Enter button when you situate it.

Step 2: Cross the Path Below.

Step 3: You just need to double click on the Windows from the left menu. Now would require, clicking on the blank spaces in the registry Window and Selecting New -> Dword ( 32-Bit) Value or Dword ( 64-Bit) Value

Step 4: You just need to look for the following values… Allow ClipboardHistory and AllowCross Device clipboard

Step5: Now Give double click and open it. In the pop up give the some value 1 or 2 or 3 in Value Data box and press OK.

Some other ways who always calls sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed –

Here are some of the other authentic ways for different devices and people can surely go and follow that

Method4: Fix clipboard issues on the Internet Explorer in Windows 10, 8 –

Step1: Those who are tired with this issue of clipboard not working windows 10, 8 they can follow these steps…

Step2: Just click on the ‘Internet Options’ located in the upper side of the internet explorer.

Step3: Then go and click on the ‘Advance’ tab in the upper side of the window ‘Internet options

Step4: Then users need to ‘Reset Internet Explorer Settings’ and to do this users need to click on the left ‘Reset’.

Step5: When done with the above steps then click on the left ‘OK’.

Now you just have to reboot your Windows 10,8 PC and look for your clipboard works or not.

Our Latest Update

The main reasons for err_connection_reset are a terrible internet connection, antivirus or firewall downloaded on your PC or laptop, proxy and third-party extensions, and third-party VPN clients.

Method5: For Skype in windows 10, 8 –

Yes, they are the ones who meet this issue more frequently and they are the ones. You can check out these and find out some solutions for that –

Step1: Visit the windows 10, windows 8’s Control Panel.

Step2: Then just from the ‘Programs and Features’, you will be asked to remove the Skype ‘Click To Call’ option.

Step3: Then you need to Reboot your Windows 10, Windows 8 PC and then you can check out whether you have the same issue or not.

Even after following these steps, if it is not working then you need to uninstall Skype and then install the latest version for your Windows 10system.

Method6: Take a look At the Group Policy

Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed, and of the curse, anyone would want to have access with ease and much simplicity. Whenever it comes to cloud clipboard there is always an issue and this is about the syncing feature and it happens in the case of cloud clipboard. But if you are using different clipboard items and between both the devices then it must be ready to sync. But just in case, above do not help you with ease then you can surely consider advanced settings also known as Group policy. Here is the step which you can follow and get the access –

Step 1: Look for Gpedit.msc in the start menu and this is for to know the Group Policy window.

Step 2: Next step follows launching it and clicking on the Configuration of the system.

Step 3: Then you just have to cross via Administrative Templates > System> OS Policies. Then the user can find out some options for the Clipboard and Synchronization. But there will be chances that the state will be set as not configurated for both.

Step 4: Then users need to go for the Double Click and this would be an option for allowing clipboard History. This surely would open a Second Window and it would also select Enabled and hit the Apply button.

Step 5: The next step is easier and the user just needs to click on the Next setting button. Just click on the Enabled button one more time. When this process gets done the only thing you have to do is hit the OK button. This would help you in showing the clipboard contents and this would also sync your device with it. So yeah you do not need to say ‘sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed’.

Method7: Clipboard not working on window 7

For those who are tired with this issue of clipboard not working windows 7 then there are some ways via which people can go and fix this issue.

Step1: At first, you can try out easy and simple ways and you can Press Ctrl- Alt- delete and click start Task Manager.

Step2: You can look select the Processes tab and then select rdpclip.exe, click End Process, and also go for the task Manager.

Step3: Now you just have Restarted the process by clicking Start> Run (Just start in Vista and Win7), typing rdclip.exe, and just press Enter.

Sometimes people complain about the clipboard not working mac copy paste not working and this also has some solution.


So these are some authentic ways to follow and fixing this issue of clipboard working on different devices. They are easy and simple and these really help people with getting rid of clipboard issues and fixing this issue.

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