Discord (American Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a famous group-chatting platform. Users may create their server and interact with their friends, colleges, fans through SMS, text messages, video chats, and voice calls and share the files and documents on Discord. Many Discord applicants find themselves always stuck on the RTC Connecting error.

Discord depends on the WebRTC protocol to work correctly; the “Discord Not Connecting” error is a network-connected issue. It means Discord is facing problems when trying to connect to a remote network. Usually, connecting to one’s voice server is extremely easy. When RTC connecting errors happen, you will not participate in the voice chat, live video call on Discord.

The “RTC connecting error” occurs when Discord cannot make an appropriate connection with the server and finally encounters errors while connecting to it because of the various network issues. Here, we are providing easy methods to fix the RTC Connecting Discord error. A solo or a mixture of these methods will fix the No Route error in every case.

RTC Connecting Discord

RTC stands for real-time online communication, and it permits both voice and video calls to be sent and received. It is a voice connection problem that will frequently make it tough or difficult to talk to your fans, friends, and colleague on the famous VOIP app. In Discord’s case, RTC is controlled by bigger servers, meaning when you attach to a Discord network, you have to go through the said networks. Discord connects to people who have a mutual love for video-gaming.

Occasionally, there will be a problem attaching to the RTC network – this is when the Discord will show you with the RTC Connecting No Route error. If you are discord applicants, you will encounter this error, which is very common nowadays. Discord was created for gathering purposes as it has many exciting features such as voice calling, screen sharing, chatting, and video calling. But now, most applicants have been complaining regarding the RTC connecting Discode error.

Reasons Behind This “Discord no Router” Error:

  • When the PC or laptop has another firewall despite the default, there is an option to encounter this issue.
  • If your Internet connection is not working, then you may encounter this error.
  • If your Discord is blocked by school, office, and elsewhere, this error will occur.
  • If the DNS Settings are corrupted in many ways, so you will face this error.
  • You will face this error if the QoS option is allowed on your PC.

Methods to Fix the Discord RTC Disconnected Error:

Method 1: Deactivate QoS High Packet Priority[Very Easy]

Step1: First of all, open the “Discord Client” on your computer or laptop & press on the icon available on the lower section of the page, and choose the app Settings>Voice & Video Call option.

Step2: After that, go to the “Enable Quality of Service” section and press on the “Allow QoS High Packet Priority to Deactivate It” instantly.

Step3: Again, open the “Discord Client” and check if the No Route error occurs or not. If this method does not work, then go to the next process.

Method 2: Unblock the Discord App

When Discord Stuck On RTC Connecting, then you have to unblock the application by following the below provided simple steps:

Step1: First, select ‘Windows + S’ keys and press them together to open the default find the area… under the search area, mention the “Control Panel” and select the ‘Control Panel’ button.

Step2: Under the ‘Control Panel option, select the ‘Network and Internet‘ option, which will show you the new page… now, search and choose the ‘Network and Sharing Center‘ option.

Step3: Now click your private Network Connections.

Step4: You will now see the new dialog box that shows the “Properties” option and press on it.

Step5: It will launch the ‘Properties’ option and select the ‘Internet Protocol Version IPV 4 (TCP /IPv4)‘ and press on the ‘Properties‘ button.

Step6: After selecting the ‘Internet Protocol Version IPV 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties‘ option, you have to choose the ‘Try the following DNS server addresses” option.

Step7: Now, you have to set the following address “ and” for the ‘Recommend DNS server’ and “Substitute DNS server” correspondingly.

Step8: Finally, after making the changes, you have to hit on the ‘OK‘ tab, Restart the PC or laptop, and check if this issue exists.

If you want to know How To Fix The Discord Update Failed Loop, then you have to follow the below-provided solutions one by step.

Method 3: Set the Date, Time, and Time Zone

On Windows, selecting anything other than the spontaneous date and time settings may overcome some errors. You have to check the date and time set by following the below mentioned simple and easy steps.

Step1: First of all, close the “Discord” app by pressing the “Show Hidden” icons tab available on the taskbar’s lower section. Then, choose the “Discord” and hit on the “Close” button.

Step2:After closing the Discord app on your device, launch the “Start” menu, mention the time.

Step3: At last, press on “Change the Date and Time” to find outcomes.

Step4: It will navigate you to the next page…ensure that the pins for “Set the Date, Time and time zone” are switched on.

Now, you have to re-open the Discord, and if it is not attaching, you should try the next method.

Method 4: Check the Server’s Voice Area or Region

Suppose you face this problem when trying to join a friend living in various regions in this situation. In that case, the “Discord Can’t Connect To Voice” is possibly occurring because the server has a separate voice area.

You have to ask your server administrator to set a distinct voice area or region from the server settings in this condition. The administrator may change the server settings by navigating the Server Settings’ point and choosing the Server region.

Method 5: Delete VPN

  1. Another main reason for the Discord RTC no connecting route error maybe some VPN Service you are using on your laptop or computer.
  2. Discord servers work after verifying User Datagram Protocol (UDP)… many VPN servers do not contain that functionality.
  3. Consequently, the discord applications encounter an issue while connecting to the network & such an error happens on a laptop or computer.
  4. Therefore, there is no root fix for this error; the easy way is not to use the VPN facility on your system.
  5. Else, if you wish to access the VPN on your system, you should ask your VPN supplier to allow the UDP, or perhaps search another VPN provider by default provides UDP with servers.
  6. Both choices will perform for you, but we recommend that you not use VPN as it may cause some different types of errors with Discord or other apps.

Method 6: Restart Router, Modem, and Computer

If the “Discord Taking Forever To Connect” error occurs, it will fix with the normal restart of the router, modem, and computer.

  1. First of all, begin with a simple method, occasionally; no router issue occurs if the IPV6 connection was disturbed by a Dynamic IP that modifies constantly.
  2. In that case, you need to restart the router, modem, computer, and laptop.
  3. If the error has been fixed, then it is good enough. Else, you may continue with the next solution.

Method 7: Disable or Deactivate The Antivirus Software

Meanwhile, the antivirus app has the authority to track the incoming and outgoing service network traffic; there is a chance that a third-party antivirus application or software is downloaded on your system, preventing the packet exchange between your computer and the discord network.

  1. Consequently, your PC is unable to attach to various discord channels.
  2. The main thing you may try is combining the discord app to your antivirus system to the whitelist so that no application is blocked by it.
  3. You have to go to the “Antivirus Software” settings and select the “Deactivate features such as Firewall, Internet Security, and many more.
  4. Or else, you may also deactivate the complete antivirus system for a few days and see if it resolves the error or not.

Digital Androids Final Conclusion:

Discord is an excellent application where you may connect with your colleagues, friends, fans, and relish smooth communication with them on a preferred network. Several applicants claimed that they face the “Discord Won’t Connect” message and thus failed to attach to a voice channel. Discord issues prevent various Discord users from connecting to the voice network. If you don’t know how to solve the Discord No Route error, you may apply the above solutions individually.

RTC Connecting Discord FAQs

1. What Is RTC Connecting?

Ans: The RTC connecting is a service that allows applicants to join with others in video calling or chatting. Applicants can use this service by changing to the discord servers accessible & plug the headphones in and out.

2. What Does RTC Connecting Mean Discord?

Ans: RTC connecting on Discord means that your Internet connection is deactivated. So, you may easily solve it by fixing your internet or Wi-Fi connection. There are many causes of this error, so find the error and solve it accordingly. 

3. How To Fix RTC Connecting Discord?

Ans: The most excellent method to fix a system’s error is to restart the modem, router, laptop, and computer. Otherwise, you may also unblock Discord, or check the server regions, and many more.

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