Call of Duty or COD is the first shooter video role-playing game. The newly launched edition of this video game is “Call of Duty Modern Warfare.” If you are playing the COD Warfare game, you should face Dev 6068 error on your PC.  The Dev Error 6068 in the COD game (any version) may be caused by a bug or corrupt DirectX installation on your PC. The Dev errors will show you the black screens on your PC.

The “Dev error 6068 – DirectX faced an irreversible error” has become terrifying for Call of Duty Modern Warfare gamers. Similar dev 6068 errors are DirectX encountered an immutable error, Warzone Reddit, dev error 6068 5700xt, Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068, and many more. If you are still experiencing a Dev error, then you have to try other particular solutions, which are given below.

What Is Dev Error 6068? 

Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare is the most popular video game. Indeed, there are several problems with the Call of Duty (COD) game. Among the widespread errors is encountered by many people is 6068 while running the COD game. The error generally occurs when your PC is running old game drivers or corrupted windows.

It inhibits the game from the beginning, providing a message saying DirectX faced an irreversible error or Directx Error 6068. Nevertheless, dev error 6068 seems to be closely associated with DEV error 5759. It means that the Dev 6068 Error can also occur because of the exclusive random bug or virus within the COD game files.

Many game issues arise from the bug, damaged, or corrupted files in the game file. For fixing the error, you have to uninstall and install the Call of Duty game on your PC. Occasionally it is essential to upgrade the graphics card drivers on your PC to have a better experience in any game comprising Modern Warfare or Call of Duty Warzone.

Main Reasons for Dev 6068 Error: 

  • If many game files are corrupted or damaged on your PC, you will encounter the dev error.
  • You may also encounter Dev error due to some bugs in your game. If Warzone Dev Error 6068 does not appear often, it may be the game’s standard issue.
  • If you have any out-dated graphic driver, then you will face this error.
  • Before installing Warzone on your computer, you must ensure that your computer is running on Windows 10. Old and not updated Window may be the reason for this error.
  • Many players have encountered this error after installing some third-party apps or software on their computers or laptops.

Simple Methods to Fix the COD Modern Warfare Dev 6068 Error: 

Method 1: Check and Repair the Game File: 

The method (Check and Repair the Game File) may fix the issue of error 6068 as if your computer has some corrupted game files, so that, you have to check and repair the game files and it will scan all the game files which causes an error in running your game.  

Step1: First of all, open the launcher on your PC and choose the call of Duty (COD).

Step2: Now, press on the Options on the right side of the page, & choose the Scan & Restore to continue the process.

Step3: Press on the “Begin Scan” tab to test your game directory.

Step14: If any missing file, it will detect and download the file automatically.

Step5: At last, you may check that the Dev error occurs or not.

Method 2: Upgrade The Graphics Drivers:

Step1: In the find box, next to the Windows symbol, you have to mention Device Manager.

Step2: After that, press on the Graphic Driver that you want to upgrade.

Step3: Now, select the “Search Automatically Driver” option for Updated Driver Software, and after finishing, press on the “Update Driver” button.

Step4: Now, you can play the Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare easily without any error.

Note: If the issue doesn’t resolve then you have to right click on Hardware and then click on Uninstall Device you have to click delete this software for this device and by deleting software you have to reinstall the NVIDIA GeForce Exp. on your computer newest version GeForce again from the website.

Method 3: Set A High Priority For The COD Game Process:

Generally, tweaking with procedure priorities in your PC is not an excellent idea, as it can cause other errors. It is correct if you don’t understand the essential details necessary for the changes. To fix the COD MW Dev Error 6068, you have to follow the below-provided instructions:

Step1: First of all, open the “Task Manager” on your Windows PC, or you may also press the Alt+Ctrl+Del keys together.

Step2: After searching the “Call of Duty (COD)” procedure in the given list, press on it.

Step3: Go to Details>Give right click on -> Set Priority.

Step4: Typically, most methods have ‘Normal‘ priority, comprising the way for COD.

Step5: You may use the ‘Above normal‘ or ‘High‘ way to fix the dev error 6068 issue in your game.

Method 4: Update Your Windows 10:

To resolve the Modern Warfare Dev Error, you have to update Windows 10. We have provided the simple steps to update Windows 10 on your PC.

Step1: First, launch the Windows Settings, and you will get various options, and you have to press the “Update & Security” button.

Step2: After pressing on it, you will get the details about the edition of your Windows Operating System (OS) available on the right side of the screen.

Step3: If you get any updates, press on the update tab, and your computer will begin downloading the latest updates.

After updating, it will prompt you to restart your computer to install the latest Windows version.

Method 5: Remove the Data Folder:

The other improved way is removing the entire data folder and keeping the other folders and files intact.

  1. If you are playing the Call of Duty Modern Warfare, then you have to close it.
  2. Search your main Call of Duty Modern Warfare set-up folder on your PC.
  3. The default is generally situated in C:Program Files (x86), but it may be dissimilar if you have a various set-up path.
  4. When you find the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game folder, launch it, and press on the “Delete” option to remove the data folder.
  5. Now, Restart the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game by opening it from the client.
  6. If it does not fix the error, then you may proceed to the next method.

Latest Update

You might have seen it, right! If yes, you might be looking forward to fixing it as well. Before we move ahead to understand the solutions to fix the Whea_Uncorrectable_Error, let’s discuss 

Method 6: Use DirectX 11 to Play COD Game:

Among the main system aspects essential for most games’ optimal playing on your PC is Microsoft DirectX. You may edit the COD game settings to use the out-dated version of DirectX, which is DirectX 11, which will help you solve the error.

  1. First of all, open the launcher, go to “Options,” and press on the “Game Settings” button.
  2. Now, mark on the “Additional Command Line Arguments” and paste the provided text (-d3d11), and after that, press on the “Save” and try to play the game without errors.

Method 7: Close Background Tasks and Lower Graphics Settings:

  • Firstly, go to the “Game” option, choose the graphics settings, and then reduce the settings.
  • Try locating them at the lowest setting to view if the graphics may be the reason for your Dev error.
  • Close your “Ray Tracing” option as it puts a heavy load on your computer resources.
  • Please Turn Off any software or browser running in the background because it uses more GPU or CPU.

Method 8: Run the COD Game As Administrator:

The COD game comprises administrator privileges to use different files and services. If it is not provided the administrator privileges, then it may Dev Error 6068. To play the Call of Duty game as the admin, follow the platform’s terms below.

  • Firstly, launch the launcher to start the Call of Duty game on your Windows PC, and press the “Options” button.
  • After that, select the “Show in Explorer” tab and press on the “Call of Duty” game.
  • The Call of Duty game file will have a .exe Extension.
  • Now, you will see the “Submenu” and press on it, & hit on the “Run as administrator,” and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Final Conclusion

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the best video games and attracts many people worldwide. Nowadays, many people face various errors in Call of Duty Warzone games. Many of them currently encounter the Call of Duty MW Dev Error 6068. So, to fix the Dev 6068 Error, you have to follow the above-provided methods one by one. When your error occurs even after applying all the methods described above, you will require some expert assistance to correct the issue. 

Dev Error 6068 Frequently Asked Questions

1: What Are the Common Solutions for Dev 6068 Errors?

Ans: If you are playing a COD game on the second monitor, deactivate it and reinstall the application or try DirectX 11. You may detect and restore the game via software and more.

2: Why We Use DirectX 12?

Ans: If your computer or laptop uses DirectX 11 despite DirectX 12, you will face lousy performance or hitting issues for the latest COD games such as Warzone, Modern Warfare, or Black Ops Cold War.

3: Is Monitoring Software Applications Responsible for Dev 6068 Error?

Ans: Yes, monitoring software applications (commonly known as MSI Afterburn) are also the main reason for the Dev error 6068 Modern Warfare.

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