The gala reception at the Metropol Hotel, dedicated to the opening of the Chase office, was a huge success, including in terms of the number of people gathered. We have invited every communist functionary in Moscow; they were swarming like locusts, and for literally a few minutes tables covered with delicacies imported from abroad were literally scrubbed clean, there was not a single drop of liquid left over in bottles of wine and vodka. Shortly thereafter, the Soviets gave permission to open representative offices in Moscow City Bank and several other US banks. Although the Soviet market has never acquired value for any of our banks, it cannot be denied the symbolic significance that Chase, the Rockefeller bank, was the first US financial institution in the Soviet Union

It’s relatively easy to make a bank transfer to a checking account at Chase Bank. In fact, according to the bank, this is to provide the source by making the transfer, the bank routing number and the Chase account number that the transfer will reach, and that’s all you need. This applies to the Chase Bank personal and business accounts. However, you must have an active bank account and Chase charges fees for outgoing transfers from corporate accounts.

How To find Chase Bank Routing Numbers

Staff overseas who would like to contribute to this cause can do so by sending a wire transfer to the Credit Union account number given above, using ABA routing number 2260-7860-9. Staff posted abroad can also contribute to this cause: transfers by telex must bear the mention ABA 2260-7860-9.

A standard electronic currency transfer system, such as the ABA routing number system, or the ACH routing system, can be used so as not to limit the accounts into which the consumer can transfer their award. A standard electronic money transfer system, such as the ABA routing number system or the ACH routing system, can be used so as not to limit the accounts to which the consumer can transfer his reward.

All destinations Beneficiary’s name, address and financial institution information U.S. ABA routing number for direct deposits 9-digit number for ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers.Note: Some banks use this number for both direct deposits and funds transfers. United States ABA routing number for direct deposits 9-digit number for Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers Note: Some banks use this number for both direct deposits and transfers.

SWIFT code Sort code for UK and Irish equivalent ABA routing transit number for American equivalent Routing number (Canada) for Canadian equivalent IBAN – International Bank Account Number Code IBAN (Europe and other countries) Routing number for direct deposits (United States) Routing number for transfers (United States) Financial institution number (Canada) Transit number (Canada) Mexico

Staff who are serving overseas and would like to contribute can do so by sending a wire transfer to the United Nations Federal Credit Union account number given above using ABA routing No. 226078609. Public servants who are posted outside the United States and who wish to making their contribution can do so by transfer to the aforementioned United Nations Federal Credit Union account, taking care to mention: ABA routing No. 226078609.

You will have to enter details such as your bank’s name, the bank’s address, your bank account number, the ABA Routing number / Swift code / Sort code and other details as requested on the withdrawal page. You will be asked to provide the name and address of the bank, your account number, the ABA code / Swift code / ATM code and other information listed on the withdrawal page.

Incoming transfer to Chase accounts

Maintain an active personal or business checking or savings account at Chase Bank.

Give the person making the transfer the bank routing number and the account number to which the funds will be transferred.Look for the record of the transfer in your account balance.

Outgoing bank transfers from Chase business customers

Transfer any money from a Chase Bank corporate account to another account. Chase Bank Transfer Service allows major owners of bank accounts to make transfers from any computer with the Internet without the need for any software. Charges apply for each transfer made.

Register online at “Chase Online for Business”

Go to the “Payments and transfers” page and click on the “Transfers” tab.

Click on the “Activate Transfer Service” link, then accept the legal transfer agreement.

Stores relevant recipient information: name, address, bank routing number, account number, and amount to be transferred. Transfer according to the cut-off point for faster service.


There is no charge for a Chase customer to receive bank transfers.


Outgoing transfers are not made until there is enough money in the account to cover the amount of the transfer.

Table of routing numbers

State Numbers 
▪Arizona                                               : 122100024
▪California                                          : 322271627
▪West Virginia                                           : 051900366
▪Connecticut                                       : 021100361
▪Florida                                              : 267084131
▪Georgia                                            : 061092387
▪Idaho                                               : 123271978
▪Illinois                                               : 071000013
▪Indiana                                              : 074000010
▪Kentucky                                            : 083000137
▪Louisiana                                            : 065400137
▪Michigan                                              : 072000326
▪Nevada                                                : 322271627
▪New Jersey                                           : 021202337
▪New York – Downstate                            : 021000021
▪Ohio                                                     : 044000037
▪New York – Upstate                                : 022300173
▪Oklahoma                                             : 103000648
▪Utah                                                     : 124001545
▪Texas                                                   : 111000614
▪Washington                                           : 325070760
▪Wisconsin                                               : 075000019
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