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Note: Before entering this process make sure that your AT&T  device phone, tablet, or mobile hotspot is nearby. FYI: Here we suggest tricks only unlock devices that work on the AT&T network. Some unlocked phones may not be compatible with other providers.

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In some cases, users need to switch carriers due to different reasons such as want to change to cheaper providers, Living in the area with poor receptions, going abroad, etc. When you locked your iPhone it is very hard for you to switch carriers. And there is also another easy way to unlock your iPhone without a sim card.

AT&T is originally known as American Telephone and Telegraph

Unlock your device

Dial *#06# on your device to find it by knowing Your device IMEI number

Check your unlock status

Have your IMEI and unlock request number from the email we sent you handy.

Now Free to Unlock Your Device

Now here you can unlock your AT&T phone. It will be unlock phone by IMEI under safe, Fast and Permanent That you can see every step step by guidance moreover The Fcc has mandated that the carrier of your unlock phone for their consumer for free, by this way desires. Before that have to check eligibility to be unlocked. The FCC isn’t giving you a free pass to con the carriers.

To At&t Unlock Your iPhone Without Sim Card:

Best Steps To Unlock Your iPhone Without Sim Card:

The most important thing in unlocking your iPhone is to insert non accepted sim card in your iPhone before connecting it to the internet. In some cases, you don’t have any sim card. In those cases also you can unlock your iPhone, But in that, you need to several extra steps.

  1. Start backing up by your iPhone, You can also use iTunes or iCloud fr backup. So that firstly you have to open iTunes at your computer, after that connect the iPhone and select it in the iTunes, then click back up now.
  2. Note: If your searching for a more flexible way to backup your data. Tenoreshare iCareFon, it allows you to selectively backup iPhone data then connect your iPhone to the computer and then open iCareFone, which exists in backup and restore function and you can also select data types for back up.
  3. When you complete your back immediately erase device by going to settings- General-Reset- Erase all contents and settings menu on your iPhone. Keep in mind that you have to enter the passcode before continuing with the process.
  4. when you erase completely the device. which takes more time to finish, then you have to go back to the set-up screen. after completing the setup process now you are ready to restore the iPhone.
  5. Then install iTunes on your computer where you start your back up from the first step. Then connect your device and select restore back in iTunes.
  6. Immediately select back up which you want to restore and then click on restore.
  7. The most important thing that you have to keep in your mind has never disconnected the iPhone until everything has been finished. The restoring process will take a couple of hours to complete which depends on how big the size of your backup is.
  8. Finally, your iPhone is unlocked and ready to use.

The best things to unlock your iPhone, which doesn’t require unlocking code such as android would.They are the two best ways to unlock your iPhone they are either by using a sim card, or by finishing a backup and restore on the device.

How To Check A status of unlocked Device ?

Get the request number from your unlock request confirmation email, and your device IMEI. You’ll need both to find out the status of your device unlock request.Check your unlock status now, go to….

When you have Sim from your new carrier then follow these steps

  • Simply remove your sim card insert the new one.
  • Then setup your iPhone again

If in case the above steps will not work and you do not have a new sim available, you need not worry, there is another way to unlock your device. Simply follow the below steps

  • The basic thing that you have to do is to just back up your phone.
  • After you have done with your back up just erase your phone.
  • In the final step just restore your iPhone from the backup you just made.

The Best Simple Two Options To Unlock Your iPhone With Sim Card:

When you want to unlock your iPhone with sim is a most simple process. They are only two options that you can choose.

Get The Help From Your Carrier:

The most simple and easiest way to unlock your iPhone is just getting help from your carrier to unlock your phone. In some cases, they might hesitate to do that and you have to go through hoops in the process. But there is a chance when you gave a solid reason then you can get it done. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind that when you are in an unfinished contract, in that case, you have to pay the penalty.

When you trying to visit customer service center you have to as much as research you can because each and every carrier has different policy and way of work so it is very difficult to you to describe them one by one.

Sim Unlock Service:

They are many online services that are used to unlock your iPhone, Yes I agree they are not cheap. but to unlock your iPhone there is no option in front of you so you have to pay. For example

Unlock boot:

If you are trying to use this service just follow the below services

  • Select the official country/carrier of the device.
  • After completing that just select phone mode>service>enter IMEI. then you have to wait for the confirmation email.
  • After getting the confirmation email place a non-original sim card and connect your iPhone to iTunes or you can put in the unlock code which you received by email.

Unlock River:

When you planning to use this service you have to learn a few things they are

  • The very first thing that you need is your phone IMEI number. You can also get it by *#06#, and the 15 digit number which is displayed on the screen. Always be clear that you write the number down and keep it safe.
  • Now you can go to the unlock river website and fill each and every information about your phone like email address, phone model, IMEI number, carrier, manufacturer, to send unlock information. This service is used to unlock different types of phones not only just the iPhone.
  • After completing the filling necessary information immediately click the unlock now button then you can payment information.
  • After completing your payment step you will get an email notifying that your phone has been unlocked. Then follow the steps which are described in the email and you are done.

I hope this information will help you to unlock your iPhone.

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