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Television appeared almost 90 years ago and its democratization developed strongly during the 1960s and 1970s. During all this time, the best android tv box has not stopped evolving in order to present an ever more elaborate technology.¬† Today, it is smart and android tv box offers to be connected to the Internet to offer the ability to watch android streaming box video’s on demand, play online, listen to music or browse the Internet.

In the event that buying a TV boxes  is too expensive, you can get around this problem without too much trouble. This option is symbolized by the purchase of a android tv boxes  that serves as an interface between your android tv boxes, your home Wi-Fi network, and even your computer. One can mention the famous Apple TV,  mi box android tv, smart tv box & 4k android tv box, best kodi box appeared in 2007, which allows to connect any TV with an HDMI port.

TV Boxes , also known as android box TV or smart TV box , is increasingly in demand. In fact, these small, not very expensive devices can turn your android tv box into a Smart TV. Your television will become a mini google tv box computer connected to the internet.

Here you have the ranking of the best Android TV Box of the moment, complemented by our tests and opinions on each of them. Here you won’t face any issue on which is the best android tv box because we did this successfully.

android box for tv - Buying Guide, Grading and Testing

The Android TV box has become indispensable for many homes.¬†This box allows families to follow their favorite entertainment programs from the microwave, TNT or the Internet.¬†This high-tech hardware turns the TV into a true multimedia computer.¬†But as there are too many models on the market, you may have a hard time choosing one.¬†That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 products to watch.¬†And to make the most of it, be aware that the power, connectivity and other characteristics of each product must be dehulled.¬†Modern, but above all of its practicality,¬†Xiaomi PFJ4061EU¬†comes with a Bluetooth remote control, and voice command capabilities.¬†For its part, theTICTID HK1 MAX with Keyboard-RICH¬†adds a mini-keyboard, an infrared remote control and¬†several connectors to his credit.¬†What assets that play in his favor!

What is an Android Box for?

The best android tv box¬† as its name says, are devices that run under the Android operating system use as android streaming box¬† which is developed by Google. It’s a best tv box android is the same operating system that is found in most smartphones, except iPhone.

So, these best android streaming box that you connect to your stream tv box allow you to turn your TV into a android smart TV box. The advantage is that it is much cheaper than buying a Samsung Smart TV directly, for example. Because they are very expensive.


Some android TV devices has a performance very similar to some computers. This makes it possible for you to run some video games, as you would on your computer or smartphone. In fact, some IPTV-Box has very good RAM, and even in rare cases a good graphics card. What actually increases the price a bit compared to the basic models.

Discover now our ranking of the most powerful IPTV-Box. You will find the best android tv box 2019/2020 you need according to your needs.

what is the best android tv box ?

I found it very difficult to watch tennis games with my smartphone, while I have an HD screen at home. So when I started looking for the best way to connect the Internet and my TV. I quickly realized that with an advanced best android box 2019/2020 , I could very well do it. Another challenge was to find the android set top box  that would fit perfectly with my television. This comparison has been an undeniable help and I would like you to be as profitable.


The best android box 4k

we done we well on finding the best android tv box, 4k android tv box This advanced kit that you have before you right now is an interesting set. It can allow you to watch tv box 4k online not on your smartphone, but in full HD, on your plasma screen. This is an 4k android tv box that was set up by GooBand Doo. It has advanced connectivity named 4k tv box. Imagine that via Wifi technology, you can display the interface of your smartphone on your TV. Through 4k streaming box device, you will have free access to the Internet world through various applications.

In addition, its wireless keyboard allows easy remote maneuverability. 4k android tv not only captures the Wifi network, but also can connect via Bluetooth to any android tv box 4k. Android 4k tv box is a 7.1 operating system is extraordinarily fast in protocol processing. Although this Smart Tv Box is quite expensive, many users have fallen in love with its 16GB memory and the speed of its signal.


  • Easy maneuverability
  • Very high performance
  • Interesting connections
  • Remote control


  • Quite expensive

Xiaomi MI box S, the best value for money

The Xiaomi Mi Box S is a TV box running Android TV 8.1. It can android tv box fully loaded considered to date as one of the best value for those who want to watch videos streaming on their mi box android tv.

A mi box best buy with a sober and compact design

This TV box streaming design side, the Mi Box S goes to the basics, sparing off all the frills. It is thus a square and black case of 9.5 cm of side and a thickness of 1.67 cm. Nothing to say more about mi TV box , as she is satisfied with the minimum service in this area. Thought for total mi box review discretion, it succeeds very well this requirement and will hide without harm behind a mi box android tv or a corner of the TV cabinet.

Honorable performances

Best cheap android tv box‚Äč Xiaomi Mi Box S is above all a cheap TV box model. Moreover xiaomi¬†mi TV box offers a sufficient configuration for video streaming for a relatively low price.

In particular, xiaomi mi box s 4k hdr android tv supports the most common video and audio formats. By using android mi box We can thus exploit the H.264, the H.265, the VC-1, the AVS, the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, and finally RealVideo 8, 9 and 10. And all until a resolution Full HD, except for the H.265 which can climb in 4K at 60 IPS (frames per second).  Mi android tv box is a good performance, but neither is it the most impressive.

Regarding the games, it is better to pass his way. The graphics chip, rather dated, is only able to support games with the most rudimentary graphics, and therefore old.


  • Fluid and powerful interface
  • High performance even when reading 4k files
  • Good remote control with microphone


  • No Ethernet port
  • USB 2.0 port

Amazon Fire TV Stick, turn your TV into Smart TV at a low price

With the android tv box amazon, the company of Jeff Bezos is already in its third generation of multimedia box. Amazon android tv box one wants to be minimalist, as well by the size as by the price. Barely sold at 59.99 euros, android tv streaming box manages to compete with the main rivals of the market, including against high-end models.

The Amazon Fire Tv Stick in a nutshell

Amazon android box fully loaded USB key that comes to us. Or rather an HDMI key. Barely larger than a conventional USB key, it is positioned in the same category as Apple TV 4K or Xiaomi Mi Box by offering storage services and gateways with the most popular applications. Accompanied by a rather traditional remote control, we can see tv boxes amazon desire to offer a product that is easy to use and accessible to as many people as possible.

Our opinion on the Amazon Fire Tv Stick | Android TV device

With its Amazon Fire TV Stick, the US firm clearly targets small budgets. This product is sold in cheap rates, amazon tv box specs services offered are still satisfactory and complete. By wanting to take a stand against the competition and google box amazon offering a cheaper device, but equally rich, Amazon is likely to position itself as a staple of multimedia boxes. For the most demanding, the absence of 4K HDR could however remain an insurmountable obstacle.


  • Easy to take in hand
  • Discreet
  • Alexa integration


  • A rather poor application catalog
  • Closed ecosystem

Sunnzo X96, the box for the small budgets

Andriod tv box Sunnzo X96 is a mini android tv box whose merit is to be at an affordable price while claiming to offer a sufficiently qualitative service. TV android box quality / price ratio that is well worth a small analysis.

Streaming TV boxes Sunnzo X96 in a nutshell

Sun TV box Design side, the Sunnzo X96 is rather discreet, but not devoid of charm and clean finishes express iptv. Adopting a square case with gray edges and diagonally angled, it will be invisible behind a TV or in the corner of a TV stand.

Behind this mini tv box android discreet elegance is a fairly basic connectivity, but sufficienton box stream, in addition to Wi-Fi, we can count on an HDMI, Ethernet port and two USB. Nothing extravagant, but enough for everyday needs mini android tv.

Everything is accompanied by a best android box for streaming remote control just the minimum necessary to navigate the menus of the box TV.

Our opinion on the Sunnzo X96

Top android tv box multimedia box Sunnzo X96 ip tv express offers a balanced performance, but without much audacity. Assuming the most common missions without much effort, however, we should not expect more of this small box discreet, especially with regard to games. stream media box best box Sunnzo offers a very good price / quality ratio at the end of the day, but for those with more advanced equipment, it is better to look elsewhere.


  • Cheap
  • Very compact
  • Perfect image resolution.
  • Discreet, small size
  • Easy to take in hand
  • Management of many multimedia formats


  • Low storage memory
  • A perfectible operating system (Android 7.1, rooted by default, bug)

Google Chromecast ultra/Review, the must of video streaming

Best android tv boxes Google chromecast ultra specs is the latest addition to the company’s range of media players. Best android TV boxes 4k chromecast Small and easy to install it allows to broadcast videos in 4K and¬† is chromecast ultra worth it because on TVs equipped with these best android boxes technologies.
Among the huge offer of chrome cast ultra media players, Google takes the party not to directly offer a navigation interface on television. Everything is manageable on android box for tv from a smartphone or tablet. To play HDR or 4K content, you will need to use compatible applications to broadcast the images on your chromcast ultra. A android media box choice made by Google that offers a wide range of compatible applications such as Netflix, YouTube, beIN SPORTS, OCS, or SFR Sport. On the best android TV box Chromecastultra google chromecast streaming media player design, the American giant seems to have found his ideal, as the Google Chromecast Ultra looks to be mistaken for his big sister of the second generation.

Our opinion on the Google Chromecast Ultra TV box android

Admittedly, the contract of Google Chromecast Ultra is filled since it allows to broadcast images in 4K HDR. However, our best android streaming box that¬†we regret the lack of evolution compared to previous chromecastultra generations. Level design first, although the very simple appearance of the device is appreciated, it still looks too much to streaming tv box “hang” once andriod box connected to the¬† google chromecast 4k TV. The bitrate required to “cast” 4K HDR images can also be a drag on the Google Chromecast purchase. For owners who buy chromecast ultra of a 4K TV, andriod box can allow you to enjoy your device with an optimal definition. For others, the second generation of chromecast 4k hdr¬† will do the trick. Finally, what is android tv box we done & the installation, configuration are still simple on ultra chromecast.


  • Good management of 4K
  • Presence of an Ethernet port
  • Google Home integration


  • Limited to streaming only
  • No remote control

Western Digital TV Live, a good Media Center

The wd tv live was illustrated when it arrived at the end of 2009. It was at the time a small event in the universe of box wd media player, thanks to a more powerful decoder chip, DTS compatibility, and especially the possibility of connecting it to the Internet.

Unchanged design compared to its predecessor

Regarding the western digital life tv design, the case is similar to its predecessor, the wd live TV HD. android tv boxes retains its size, format and aesthetics reminiscent of the external hard drives manufacturer. Only change on android tv devices, the shiny black coating that has been replaced for a matte anthracite gray less messy, but also a little less attractive.

Our opinion on WD TV Live

The western digial tv live has taken a shot of old aesthetically speaking. However, despite its great age, it still remains exploitable to read from external media videos, music and photos without any difficulty and with appreciable quality. Obviously, its dated technical features prevent it from reaching the current standards and now places it as a reliable backup solution android streaming box.


  • Easy to take in hand
  • Management of DTS and Dolby Digital
  • Wide variety of compatible multimedia formats


  • Standby power consumption
  • A perfectible operating system
  • Remote control
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