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Best recommended application name webview which helps to browse a bundled mobile applications which is also called as hybrid app. Using a webview you will surf securely and most of the mobile apps to be built using Web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) but still package it as a native app and put it in the app store

In this article you can learn

  • What Is Android System Webview ?
  • Why Do I Need Android System Webview ?
  • Can I Uninstall Android System Webview ? Is It Possible ?
  • What Happens If I Uninstall Android System Webview ?
  • Best Android System Webview Example….

we are going to learn about Android System Webview. They are many user’s searching for this topic what it is , what it is for, Can I Uninstall Android System Webview, how to enable android system webview and many. For all this question now Our team members provided a best solutions… 

Ready To Know Everything About Android System Web View

Just because you may not know complete uses of this application, which doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do anything useful. Don’t worry about that questions you have its best to investigate and know since you could end up removing an app that is only there to give you the best possible performance.

Android System Webview App is a best and must have application, and it is a top most technology application which doesn’t need any setting because it will start up automatically. The applications we download for our own devices like smartphone or table, If you use android system webview helps to Access The Internet Natively, without any browsers such as Chrome, Firefox….

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What Is Android System Webview ?

Its popular and wanted application if you own an Android device. If not, you won’t see all the features which given in this application. And if you don’t know much about this app or what exactly it does on your smartphone. At any cost, if you know/learn about this application hope me it will surely suprise’s you with this android system webview features.

Its one kind of Browser Integrated, So, it helps to to open the browser directly in the app without to resort to a browser. Moreover it is not only the app that you can launch with a single click. Its a best system component by Chrome, It mainly helps to allows androids apps to display web content. This component is pre-installed on your device and should be kept up to date to ensure you have the latest security updates and other bug fixes and speedy performance improvements on every update.

It runs on its own in the background, mostly no need to give direct interaction.

Do I Need Android System Webview ?

Here our team, will surly been clear every question what is for and need. And it is that Android System Webview serves so that you do not have to leave the application because which pre-installed into every Android devices by Google to make user interference simple on web for the end.

Why Do I Need Android System Webview ?

Best webview on everything moreover makes more comfortably from the app. Coming to Why do you need WebViews?  

It provides a better control over your applications UI. It made more simple to display online content in android activity. Because webview allows 3rd party apps to view all the content in an browser or in app display. Moreover Android webview uses webkit engine to display web page. The loadUrl() and loadData() methods of Android WebView class are used to load and display web page. Here it automatically update the entire application, if you wish to bring an update over your app content.

Can I Uninstall Android System Webview ? Is It Possible ?

Should I delete it?

Wait! Wait! please “do not delete it” . Android System WebView App has web environment integrating capabilities. And recommended application to all androids users.

No, Even its not possible to un-install or delete android system webview because the app allows showing web app content provides Web Engine to the browser of the phone that is powered by Chrome browser. But you can android system webview disabled for temporary not for permanent. (Web site which are usually HTML content).

If you want to check the app please follow step to find out:

Settings → Application Manager → System Apps.


Here you can check whether app is enabled or disable, you might even be promoted to update it by visiting the Google play store.

Completely wanted application and it’s core part of the web related application coming the best helpful application you should not delete it. And most android system webview virus free & safe it never harm your phone or data in any manner.

Android System Webview Example

If you want to know some topic about your phone or charger features, here you can open this quora website in your application directly, without type  http://quora.com in address bar.

Second Example – When you click on link in Facebook App, Web Page open up within App instead of using default web browser.

Similarly, Web View useful in banking Apps to open net banking pages.

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Android System Webview Download

You can Download Varies androids with devices, high useful and more user friendly application from its Jellynean version. It will be work based on chromium and similar to the other regular browsers. Here can observe different features and layout based on Androids version like Lollipop, Kitkat. And in this android webview download application you can regular updates because google could push updates and bug fixes based on Android versions because webview changed into a separate app on the playstore.


presently running latest Webview version is 77.0.3865.116 and still going on. Moreove android system webview download app very complicated and it is installed by default and runs in the background this made google easily maintaining android in app browser due inability of google to maintain older android device browser security. And no need user interactions. But app is executed with the user clicks on the link from an app in sometimes.

What Happens If I Uninstall Android System Webview ?

Insight its not possible but i will tell you what happens if uninstall android system webview, At any case if you uninstall 1st no longer be able to open the external URLs within the application you are using. Don’t worry its just in webview application not about chrome and other browsers you can use in smartphones browser and making you speed more resources.

And its nothing serious and you can do it. But you will miss speed and comfortable any way its nothing just helps to open up the website version of anything which gives you the UI of browser but that same task is opened in that particular app itself.

So, if you seriously want to miss and don’t want you can delete it, after this time you have to spend more time to open up the apps and website on your device.

I insist that you don’t even think about this possibility. But I will give you the answer to what happens if Android System Webview is uninstalled . What happens is that you will no longer be able to open the external URLs within the applications you are using, but that it will open in your smartphone’s browser, making you spend more resources (by having more apps open at the same time). In addition, it is not so comfortable.

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