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Acer products are one of the best products in Nowadays. and this company is also providing laptops at affordable prices.

Acer has also gained 7 editor choice awards on the average rating of 3.5 out of 5.during the past year or so. The company has made a same strong innovation when it was heading into a 2019 and continues to an offer one of the best overall selections around, with a mainstream and gaming machines for an each and every budget. Acer care main centre has been located in a Malaysia.

2 Alternatives To Find IMEI Number

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Check Your IMEI Number In Your Device

  • DialĀ *#06#Ā In Your Device Dial Padā€¦
  • Box will Pop up on your display screen with IMEI codeā€¦
  • Just copy and past on your note pad to rememberā€¦
  • This is a universal methodā€¦
  • The best trick to get Your IMEI Number in a secondā€¦
  • This process you can use to check any iPhone IMEI, Samsung IMEI, and Android IMEIā€¦

Process To Acer IMEI checker

  1. Click on Menuā€¦
  2. Go To Settingsā€¦
  3. Select General (or) ABOUT PHONEā€¦
  4. check on Statusā€¦
  5. Note Your IMEI Number on the noteā€¦

How Do I Know If My Acer Laptop Has Warranty

Information About Your Device

  1. Please enter your SNID(IMEI) number.
  2. This is the 11 or 12 digit value located next to the bar codes on the bottom of your product label.
  3. You may also enter your 22 character serial number.

Acer care center:

Care the center is ready to provide you the services and support of a different level which are purchased from Acer in Malaysia to dealers and also to the customers who wants to get direct service from an Acer.

The very first level Acer care center are:

  • Hotline services to the customers and dealers.
  • Any technical problem solving and reporting.
  • Post and Pre-sales consultancy to the dealers in expertise areas example: Integration, networking many other.

Second level:

  • It also repairs electronic bench repairs for both warranty and the out of warranty, Non-Acer products, Acer hardware products.
  • All the Acer products are serviced and carried in the nearest Acer care Centers or Authorized dealers.

Terms and conditions of Acer standard warranty:

  • Acer sales and services warrants that the hardware products which you have been purchased are free from the defects.
  • The warranty period will start from the time when you purchased the product.
  • The proof for your date of purchase is your sales receipt which shows the date of purchase of your product and with filled instructions about the warranty. Which shows the serial number and date of purchase of the product.
  • Before your warranty period expires Acer is ready to repair your product with no extra charges.
  • And also will perform replacements of defects in workmanship or parts covered in this warranty.
  • Acer will provide warranty support only in normal office hours.
  • Acer will offer you repair and replaced parts are warranted from the repair to 90 days.
  • On-site, warranties are applicable only within the range of 50 kilometers
  • If any provisions are warranted as illegal.

The things which was not covered under warranty are

  • When the product is damaged due to transportation, improper use, etc
  • when the product is damaged due to a natural disaster.
  • In a result of irregular voltage sources.
  • When a product is modified and repaired by a party and not authorized by an Acer
  • If you did not purchase your product from the Acer or through Acer authorized distributors and sellers.
  • When the warranty was expired.

How to download and Install A Monitor:

  • To download and install a monitor firstly you have to visit the drivers and a manual section of the Acer support website.
  • After that enter your Serial Number/Snid to search your product by model
  • Immediately click the orange icon which is placed in the in front of the driver download.
  • Then click the download link to get the file you want to download.

Acer is ready to help all customers with the compatible devices upgrade to windows 10 for free. If you want you can also purchase a Windows 7 or 8.1 devices at great discounts and which is used to upgrade to windows 10

Acer is also known as one of the best laptops nowadays. Mostly we can get Acer laptops at affordable prices compared to other laptops with the best features.

The standard warranty for the products:

Desktops, all in ones and rows:

  • One year limited warranty for consumers
  • Two-year limited warranty for the consumer (predator)
  • One year limited on-site warranty on commercial

Three-year limited warranty with limited on-site service during the first year for Veriton 4 and 3 years for version 6 on commercial ( version v_4XX and V_6XX models). and also a three-year warranty for models VZ4630G-i5333X


  • One year limited warranty for the consumer (Aspire, switch, spin, swift).
  • Two-year limited warranty for the consumer (predator).
  • one year limited warranty for commercial (travel mate).
  • Two-year limited warranty for commercial (travel mate p6).

Ultra-thins, Notebooks, and chrome books:

  • One year limited warranty for consumer and commercial.
  • Two-year limited warranty for the models S7-392-7837, S7-392-5454, SW5-171P-8283


  • One year limited warranty for consumer and commercial.
  • Two-year limited warranty for the consumer( predator).


One year limited warranty for consumer

  • One year limited warranty on the projector with 90 days on the bulb
  • Three years limited warranty on the projector with 90-days on the bulb for the following models(s): P1500, P1340W


One year limited warranty for the consumer and commercial.

Servers, storage and workstations:

  • Limited warranty for server, storage, and workstations.
  • Limited warranty for option kit

The things which were not covered under warranty are:

  • Physical damage, internal damage.
  • Missing keys, defective keywords.
  • Dots on laptop screen, Broken laptop screen.
  • When you break your OEM seal ( Never try to open your laptop on your own, a warranty may void)
  • If any user-installed software.
  • Loss of files like photos, videos many other.
  • Any electrical short circuit.
  • Breakage, damage, laptop theft
  • Damaged charger cable, damaged charger,
  • Liquid damage in a laptop like the splitting of water, coffee many other.

If you are facing the above problems the company will not provide you any warranty. except those damages remaining all come under company warranty. For any product, you will get a minimum of 1 year of warranty for your product.


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