Are you really trying to make your phone with high lock system, then why your waiting for latest versions or high use applications, start riding in my page, here you can find completely latest and updated version fingerprint app lockers to your Gadget with five stars rated.

Smart applications always use to your Gadget to protect your Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery apps with password and prevent the apps from your snooper. Here you can get completely multiple options with password or pattern and fingerprint.

The most advanced privacy App Lockers…… try it now!

#1. 2020AppLock – A Fingerprint App Locker

One of the best and latest version to lock your Android Devices to protect privacy to your secrets with pattern, password, and fingerprints. You can see here completely with latest and advanced protection app lock facilities and easy user interference layout.

You can feel very high secure and safe even when your device is shared with your friend’s, relatives, family members, etc. Best to protect your app data, gallery, chat, contacts, emails…

2020 AppLock can automatically lock and unlock your applications like Facebook, Instagram, What’s App, Snap Chat, Contacts, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Gmail, YouTube, Settings, etc. apps on your Android Device…etc

Forget Lock, Get Back Your Password Settings:

Go to Settings -> Reset your PIN / Pattern -> A pop up raises a message sent to your mail id. Check your mail to reset or change your PIN/ Pattern.

Advanced Features
  • Automatically takes a photo who trying to break your phone with record time and data for further check.
  • set a time for unlocking and locking your loved apps with a period of time.
  • Simple to use and high protection to your data.
  • In setting, you can set up notification alert on the lock screen.
  • Automatic lock system to your New downloaded applications.
  • Multiple options to lock (pattern, password, and fingerprint).
  • Fingerprint very powerful and high secure method to keep your data in safe mode.

#2. AppLock – Fingerprint

Second most powerful and very smart app lock is an App Locker or protector. Completely secure your data and applications from your trackers. You can have multiple options to lock your data, given with Pattern, Password, and powerful fingerprint.

Can protect your Facebook, Whats app, Gallery, apps and etc with lock method and prevent the apps from being exposed by trackers with lock system.

You can have here high secure feature same as 2020 appLock, which takes a picture who catch intruders or snoopers with advanced option record system.

AppLock Features

  • High Advanced lock system to protect your data with locks.
  • If any snooper tries to unlock your device automatically its takes a picture and send to your mail directly.
  • Most powerful fingerprint sensor to lock your device secure.
  • You can set up an option to lock a notification alert bar on your display.
  • Scalable pattern size up to 18×18 and 3*3.
  • Tempting feature, you can set a different password to your multiple apps or data.
  • Lock or unlock remotely your device via SMS text.
  • Can change your language more than 30.

#3. App lock – Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password

The app is very compatible with all devices and providing with very advanced features to protect your data from the lock system. Here you can see regular options completely those pattern, password and powerful fingerprint to have a strong to be the secure ocean.

Just provided same as above applications with intruder selfies to direct your mail id with clarity picture with recorded time. And can identify the application tried to unlock with guessed passwords.

You can identify the snoopers easily with the clarity of pictures and immediate alert to your device. Anyone download and use this application who having fingerprint hardware and marshmallow androids version. At any cost you are not eligible to simulator then enables simulated app lock support for any phone you have. Set up in your device setting and you can simulate fingerprint app lock with PIN or pattern system.


Advanced Features
  • You can have both supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control.
  • Also can unlock with PIN, pattern or fingerprint.
  • Snooper selfie direct your mail id to alert you as possible.
  • Support for both sound and vibration effects.
  • The latest version and Very Advanced features.
  • Can directly visit colors in your app lock screen for social media.
  • No need to remember your pattern or password because you can unlock directly with your fingerprint.

#4. Private Zone – AppLock, Video & Photo Vault

Complete protection to your costly data and very simple to hide your photos, videos other important files in with your private application.

High-security application no one can find your secret sauce and no one can track your passwords or unlock. Easy to customize your lock options and layout with user interference anyone can handle and any device can handle this application low storage high beneficial one.

Quality Features
  • Easy to hide photos and files from snoopers.
  • Simple layout and categories.
  • The secure and one-click backup set up.
  • It also increases your page speed.
  • Free VPN and easy to hide your IP address.
  • Fake password alert directly to your mail id.

<Note: check your dell warranty>

#5. Fingerprint LockScreen Simulated Prank

High secure and no one can identify your lock or data it’s not possible to unblock without your permission in your device. it’s just simulated app used for fun.

Lock prank application is the best display local application to unlock while using a fingerprint. Anyone can feel more crazy with this graphics and wonderful scan animations make you’re looking like professional funny. Also, you can view the most popular and advanced wallpapers to arrange your lock screen in the best way.

Advanced Features

  • Neat and best fingerprint sensor and best graphics.
  • Fast and secure sensor.
  • Near 20 wallpapers can hide in this application.
  • shows a digital advanced clock with data and time.
  • Multiple options like to set up backgrounds, vibrate sounds and text.
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